This One The Boys Have To Win

There’s some serious bragging rights on the line where I live, and it’s up to the boys to come through for me tonight at the Bell Centre.

Powell River is infested with Canucks fans. They’re littered about like……like……the wonderful human beings they are.

This is the new me. No more trashing the Canucks. I’m making my friends feel bad. Of course I have to listen to the odd one go on about the how the Habs only won over the years because they always had the first pick of elite Quebecois players. And from time to time I put up with some boorish thug rambling on that Maurice Richard had most of his best seasons during the war when many of the opposition were overseas.

And sometimes, although rarely, I hear someone babble about how the Rocket got out of going to war, and when I counter with the straight facts that Rocket wanted to go but was denied because of health issues, they don’t want to hear it and just keep repeating themselves and sounding like some of the old and unstable folks in the seniors home where my wife works.

But because I’ve turned over a new leaf I’ve decided to rise above it all and say nice things about the Canucks because many of these people, even though they’re Canucks fans, are still good people. Not the ones who trash the Rocket, but the other ones.

So I say with newfound maturity and heartfelt respect to all the good Canucks fans I know, that I hope the Canucks play hard and look sharp tonight as they get their asses pounded into the ice.

20 thoughts on “This One The Boys Have To Win”

  1. Hey Dennis,I’ll do the bashing for you if your not intrested anymore.The Canuck fence must be made of broken glass or pointed sticks as their fans are on and off it all season.

  2. All true except that you have the wrong team getting iced. In fact the Habs fans here in Powell River (3 at last count) have brought out their “Worry Beads”. What gives?

  3. It’s obvious that I’m not a Canuck fan either and no player could compare to the Rocket. I do however feel that the greatest Canuck ever was Trevor Linden due to his respect not only on the ice but off as well. I get knocked around too because of my attire but it shows all those Hab Haters that, win or lose, I still stand behind my team. Mr. Thorogood has his guitar tuned and ready to go for tonight. I’m sure our guys are itching to ” ring the Bell Centre “. GO HABS GO !!!!!

  4. Dennis, speaking of bragging rights… I GOT MY PRIZE BOX TODAY! It’s all set up in my shrine… er… Habs den, and I’ve uploaded pics onto my blog for you to see. I can’t thank you enough.

    I’m not as mature as you though, Dennis. If the Canucks want to play soft and look dull tonight as they get their asses pounded into the ice, that’d work just fine by me.

  5. Dennis, here is a positive sign if I ever saw one.

    Montreal resident Jonathan Duhamel wins $9 million at the WSOP poker tournament. The first Canadian to ever do so.

    His friends, all wearing Canadiens sweaters, celebrate by raising him into the air to chants of Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole.

    Jacques Martin has shuffled the deck. Now it’s time to deal the winning hand.

    Here’s hoping some of Jonathan’s luck rubs off on the Habs tonight.

  6. canucks, what a dumb name. like the eskimos. it is politically incorrect. shame shame you liberal ass vancouverites ……………. come to think of it, i am politically incorrect, but hobo is a cool name.

  7. I’m with Mikey,
    1) Hockey would not be the sport it is if not for the Rocket. Canuck fans would be cheering for a Vancouver baseball team. The Canadians.
    2) Linden was the greatest Canuck, easy pick as #2 was Tiger Williams.
    3) Hab fans are the greatest fans. The rest are just jealous.

  8. Well, well, well…Dennis, what a Fine Blog you have. Today’s post excellent.
    Altho’ … your responders are certainly entitled to their opinions, just as I , I wish to point out to “Hobo” that “Canadien” is not even spelled correctly in English. Let’s just leave “politically incorrectness” out of our beloved hockey and enjoy the CRAP out of tonight’s game!!!!! Good luck to the Habs….but seriously Go Canucks Go!!!

  9. Great game, Dennis…wrong score tho’
    I guess acting mature has it’s benefits ‘eh…Drats, I played right into your hand. Guilty here.

    Price really had an awesome game.Nice shutout Really

  10. jan

    CANUCK is not even spelled correctly in french……….. of course, we shall leave political correctness out, until it is convenient of course.

    price rocks
    luongo makes tooooooo much doe

  11. Hey Dennis,And all other Hab fans.I must say that the Canucks,although outshooting the Habs ,didnt really play like they wanted it.This could be from numerous reasons,first road game ,being away from home is a lonley thought for those young Canucks eh.Carey Price was a stone tonite,happy for him and Les Habitants.

  12. Jan, that was the quickest reply I’ve ever seen after a game. You must have starting typing away as soon as the siren went.

  13. Cheers to that one!
    and yes I did start to type before the siren, just so’s you know for sure…I even had the s/o part written as it was very evident to me that my team wasn’t cuttin’ it in Montreal. Kesler deserved a spanking after his faux pas…and where were the Sedins? I know, you don’t care
    Hobo…Price does rock…. sometimes …but you can never make too much dough!!

  14. Jan, you’re correct that you or I can’t make too much dough, but players like Luongo and Gomez certainly do. At least Luongo is thought of as one of the best goalies in the league. Gomez is a dependable second line centre but paid like a franchise star.

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