This Is Legal Tender?

Apparently these are legal tender in the U.S., according to the seller on eBay, who also has a Rocket dollar listed. I had no idea something like this would be allowed, and I’m sure most countries wouldn’t be crazy about it. In Russia for example, even the smallest mark on a ruble from a pen and stores won’t accept it.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe countries around the world allow celebrity faces on top of presidents. I don’t know. It just seems weird.

Here’s the description on eBay.

This is a real mint one or two dollar bill with the picture of Patrick Roy placed over Thomas Jefferson’s face. “Patrick Roy” is written on the name plate. This is legal and negotiable tender, this process has been permitted by the Treasury Department since 1967! Each bill comes in a clear plastic currency holder!

13 thoughts on “This Is Legal Tender?”

  1. Doesn’t matter whose face is on the two dollar bill, most American stores or people wouldn’t accept it. They’re not used to it, so they don’t like it or trust it. They’ve been resisting attempts to add colour to their bills or to use coins.

  2. Had it been on a Canadian bill and you used it in the States or somewhere else, I could see one being able to use this. Everyone knows we’re a bunch of hockey nuts here so it makes perfect sense to have a hockey player on our money right?

    So let me create a few phony 100s, I’ll send them to Dennis to print up in massive quantities since he won’t mind taking the heat if this goes belly-up and then we can go somewhere far away and trade it in for some other place’s legit money…then we can buy some mansions, travel, buy the Habs, etc. It’s a simple plan.

  3. Legend has it that two dollar bills are bad luck and being a Christian nation, the USA is in essence a superstitious nation. Don’t touch a two dollar bill no matter who’s picture is on it.

  4. I heard there’s a sale on Ebay for three-dollar American bills featuring Gary Bettman’s face on the front – a bargain at only $100 for a dozen.

    The guy with the Patrick Roy money might be using a removable sticker of Roy on top of Jefferson’s image. Perhaps this still make it legal tender.

  5. Hobo, I remember one time in New York when a store wouldn’t take a few Canadian coins from me. He looked at them like they were from Mars. I explained that they were just Canadian and were good, but no way did he want anything to do with them.

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