This Is A Stick-Up

Yes indeed, this is the stick. The one I just bought at auction and which I’ve mentioned before. But here it is in one of my rooms which makes the story new, sort of.

Classic Auctions describes as having “great Hall of Fame pedigree” and that in itself makes me all teary-eyed and goofy. The stick alone is a fine specimen, but what really puts it over the top are the names on it. It’s been signed by 17 members of the 1948-49 team and they are, if you don’t mind and not bored already – Elmer Lach, Ed Dorohoy, Billy Reay, Joe Carveth, Rip Riopelle, Ken Mosdell, Bob Fillion, Doug Harvey, Jacques Locas, Bill Durnan, George Robertson, Dick Irvin, Hal Laycoe, Ken Reardon, Maurice Richard, Emile Bouchard, and Murph Chamberlain.

Lach’s signature is the only one really faded and hard to see. Doug Harvey signed with a fine-point pen but is there in all its glory but you have to look for it.

Some folks get excited when they buy a new lawn mower or a nice pair of cowboy boots. Habs ‘Hall of Fame pedigree’ things like my new old stick, yellowed and well-used, is what I prefer.

10 thoughts on “This Is A Stick-Up”

  1. Thanks, Tyg. This is the kind of stuff I’ve always loved. I’m very proud to have this stick.

  2. Congratulations on the stick. Reminds me of a story one of the retired referees was telling of all the sticks he collected over his career from a lot of famous players. He had them in a room in his house but had never put them up on a wall. One day his dad was over and he was not in the best of ways mentally. The ref saw his dad staking the plants in the garden and when he checked his dad had cut the blades off all the old sticks he found in the house. Point of the story is I sure hope you put the stick up.

  3. Thanks, Don. Great story. Yes, it’s going behind glass pretty soon. I’m just waiting for a team picture I found on eBay to arrive to put with it.

  4. Beautiful. We’ll have a new good luck charm next year with you watching the games with the stick nearby.

  5. Excellent, Christopher. A new good luck charm. I think it’s going to take us right through to the end.

  6. Dennis, the stick looks really fine amongst all your other pieces of wonderful memorabilia, which I am sure all have stories behind them as well.

  7. Dennis, a truly fine purchase! Your birthday or Christmas present early!! Glad to know you got the stick since you will really treasure it.

    P.S. Are those Gaston’s jerseys/sweaters on the wall to the right? 🙂

  8. Nice pick up Dennis. There is alot of rare and hard to come by autographs on there. Its not to often you can find authentic signatures of Bill Durnan and Doug Harvey on there own let alone together on a team signed stick and with everybody else on there it really makes it a great rare peice of hockey memorabilia. Congrats on your purchase!

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