8 thoughts on “This Guy Kind Of Likes The Habs”

  1. Yep, I have them on Tricolore.ca as well, but while we don’t think that the basement is fake, we believe the logo on the house is fake. But we believe that the painting is not fake.

    The logo has the white shade in the top part, as it’s possible to see on electronic version of the logo in many areas. It would be weird and very difficult to paint that white shade part on a house.

  2. The outside shot is a photoshop job. I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but it was used in some kind of contest and latter found out to be forged…

  3. Either way: real or fake or partly real, this guy does NOT have a girlfriend! No girl would live in there no matter how much she likes the Habs!
    What he does have however is too much time on his hands!

  4. Alittle reminiscent of the dream” Kanes” coulda’ been if not for the glorious West Coast location. I’m just thinkin’–where is the big screen? All the naysayers—give up on the dissing!!!! True fans( house decorators et all ) do not give up when their team slumps or doesn’t make the playoffs. Just ask me! (……….and besides, the local kids love to do the driveby to see OUR house. )

  5. Must be depressing to live there when the Habs lose 12 out of 15, but when they win the cup (eventually,) I think I know where I want to party.

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