33 thoughts on “This Could Be The Longest One Minute And Seventeen Seconds You’ll Ever See”

  1. Dennis, it’s not the speed of the typist, it’s the quality of the writing. Excellent so far. I can’t make out the content of this post, but I love the subject. It will definitely make a great movie. However instead of Hollywood maybe you should send it to the NHL head office to replace the script they’re currently using.

  2. Chris, if I used all my fingers and didn’t look at the keyboard, no one would have any idea what I was talking about. Maybe I should try it.

  3. Quite enjoyed that clip Dennis….sort of reminds me of home…minus the fancy laptop and the little guy. I also am a 2-finger typist, altho’ I have been known to use the occasional thumb. Cheers!

  4. Jan, it’s my filmmaking debut. I’m quite excited. Now I feel how James Cameron felt when Titanic was released.

  5. Dennis, did you have that ka-ching, one billion dollars please feeling? Remember us the little people when you’re the king of the world.

  6. As Chris said, it’s not how fast you type but how well you write, and you pass with flying colours in that department.

    Having said that, Gaston wasn’t falling asleep because you were typing too slow, was he? :p


  7. Thanks, DG. The problem with Gaston is he’s usually drunk, like tonight. He’s always falling over.

  8. DG – Gaston and I go back a long way. Anyway, you can obviously see that first, I grew up with a typewriter, and second, I failed typing in school.

  9. I think you owe Gaston an apology. He didn’t fall down, your right pinky was over-extended and it knocked him over. And them you snapped at him. Poor little critter, as if watching you type wasn’t painful enough. 🙂

  10. Hey Dennis! I like the title too.

    And when Gaston fell over it was a sign from the hockey gods. Gaston went and kissed your hand because he liked very much what you were typing and he decided to make it so.

    If you listen very carefully you can hear what Gaston was saying as he keeled over…

    It was :”Habs in seven!”

  11. Dennis, your style is fantastic! No criticism here. I’m sure you type with two fingers because you have a hockey stick clinched between your teeth to get in the spirit of the writing.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Well done, Sir!

  12. Love it…. and Gaston was seen raising hell there at one point.

    He’ll be all fired up for the game tonight I hope!

  13. Hey Dennis, Maybe you could type faster if you turned Gaston around and he could proof read your writings as you were typing.Let us all hope that the elimination word doesnt come into play tonite,can Gaston read the word elimination?GO HABS GO

  14. I’ve just woke up after graveyards and I can’t believe the support for Gaston, who has been a thorn in my side for a long time. In fact, if he wouldn’t quit bothering me when I’m writing the blog, I’d probably be a lot faster.

  15. Good luck tonight everyone. Game time in 10 minutes. Habs gonna kick some butt!! If not, see you all next fall.

  16. yeah but I don’t have anything to do with hockey after the habs. If they’re out I’m out. Usually too ticked off to want to talk hockey. lol. Hey but we’re up 2-0 and they look awesome again. Nice move shuffling Moen and Poulliot. And gotta admit I like Hal Gill. I can see how he was so valuable to Pitts last year. Georges and O’byrne will learn a lot. Too many penalties.

  17. Great game so far Dennis. Just cross our fingers so that WE CAN HOLD THE LEAD!

    And during the off-season, will you be sending us e-mail auto updates like some other sites do? That way people will know when you have something new on your site.

  18. Danno, I have no idea how to send email updates. It’s a good idea, though. The thing is, I’ll be posting every day througout the summer as I always have. Since Nov of 2007 when I started, I haven’t missed a day. But the email updates are a good idea. Is it complicated?

  19. Habs 2-1 so far…

    I know you can do email updates through Feedburner…. and I’m sure there’s a wordpress plugin for them too.

  20. Dennis, this was one of the most tension-filled games I have ever watched. I’ll bet I wasn’t the only one going bananas in the third period.

    Torture, but strangely satisfying.

    Halak was a beast!


  21. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Ovie gonna have to dig deep to get that fourth the way the habs played. Champion hearts displayed by a ton of our players. I don’t think Ovie has it in him as captain to win. What an awesome weekend its going to be. YAHOO!!

  22. What a great game. Habs played well.

    Halak was wicked. Moen played well… Moore played well… Lapierre made some good plays… Gionta… Hal Gill has been great….

    Someone had some noticeable defensive giveaways..

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