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As you can see, when in New York, Bostonians really like to do it up in style.

NY hotel

Anyway, really enjoying the Olympics and love to see the personal stories, how these incredibly talented athletes who jump and twirl and fly through the air with the greatest of ease, got to where they are today.

Imagine the parents of these Olympians. Proud as punch. Although I find it odd that when most of these moms and dads are interviewed, they seemed quite composed.

I’d be an emotional wreck.

But they’re not, for some reason. Yves and Johane Dufour-Lapointe seemed fine after seeing two of their three daughters, Justine and Chloe, stand on the podium and receive gold and silver for their mastery on the moguls.

A third daughter, Maxime, came in 12th, which is also amazing.

And speaking of moguls, Canadian guys Alex Bilodeau and Mikael Kingsbury won gold and silver in this freestyle event too, so Canada rocks when it comes to moguls.

Have you ever skied moguls? It’s ridiculously tough. A knee-blower. Not fit for mankind.

But I was a hack skier who only skied for a few years a long time ago, so maybe I’m not the right person to talk about it. I always preferred the rides on the chair lift.


At this writing, Canada has 3 gold, 3 silver, and a bronze, right up there in the penthouse!


Carey Price was named the NHL’s first star of the week after the Canadiens won three straight and Carey allowed only three goals in the process. The second and third stars aren’t important.


Longtime Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman began dating a 13-year old named Mandy when he was 48, and four years later when he was 52 and she was 18, they married. But she had an eating disorder that brought her down to 75 pounds and they were divorced shortly after.

However, Bill’s 27-year old son Stephen became engaged to Mandy’s mother Patsy, making Bill’s recent mother-in-law into a prospective daughter-in-law.

I learned this from reading Philip Norman’s book “Mick Jagger”.

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  1. Yes Marjo, but somehow I think sometimes rock stars think they’re exempt from normal and acceptable behaviour. I’d also like to know why her mother seemed to be okay with this, considering she hooked up with Bill’s son.

  2. What messed up Mandy more, the modelling, the sex or the drugs? Definitely not the music. She only admits to the relationship becoming sexual when she was 14 which may have been legal depending on the country. Several have an age of consent that low, including Canada at the time, but not the UK. It was a Harper crime bill in 2008 that raised the age to 16 for most situations.

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