The Hockey News says Montreal will finish 13th in the East this season. How can that be? Don’t they realize Scott Gomez is on the team?

It’s just so much bullshit anyway. Anything can happen to any team, whether they’re predicted to finish 1st or 15th. Players we least suspect can catch fire. Key guys can go down with injuries. Some teams and players don’t measure up to their potential. Some overachieve. Important trades can be made. A star player can have a bitchy wife. A good faceoff man can get crabs from a groupie.

These predicters don’t know. It’s just a game of guessing. Sports is rife with stories of the underdog coming through, like the ’69 Miracle Mets, or my peewee baseball team.

I think the Habs can at least make the playoffs. Why not? We now have Brandon Prust, Colby Armstrong, and Francis Bouillon.

Oh. Maybe that’s not so much.

But what if Colby Armstrong has a breakout year and scores 40? What if Brandon Prust becomes the the new John Ferguson, scrapping and scoring and becoming a fan favourite? Maybe Francis Bouillon will be a rock on the blueline. What if Alex Galchenyuk makes the team and sets the world on fire? Brian Gionta is raring to go! And yes, so is Scott Gomez. Any day now we should hear his new promise.

What about that, Hockey News?

Thirteenth. Behind Toronto.

Here’s their picks, the bastards.

1. Pittsburgh
2. Boston
3. Washington
4. Rangers
5. Philadelphia
6. Tampa Bay
7. Buffalo
8. Ottawa
9. Carolina
10. Florida
11. New Jersey
12. Toronto
14. Winnipeg
15. Islanders


13 thoughts on “Thirteenth?”

  1. The Habs have done a good job this summer making themselves better for the future with their draft picks and signings such as Price. But they haven’t done anything to make themselves better for the present. Their biggest issues last year were the PP, faceoffs, shootouts. They’ve done nothing to help those areas this year.

    Meanwhile, other Eastern conference teams have made an attempt to improve what they thought were their weakest areas. Philly needed a dman, traded for Schenn. Toronto needed a top six forward, traded for JVR. Carolina wanted more offensive help, got Staal and Semin. Tampa needed defence and goal tending, got Carle and Lindback, Rangers needed a bigger scorer, got Nash. Buffalo wanted to be tougher, got Ott. Islanders needed another offensive dman, got Visnovsky. Washington needed a second-line centre, got Ribeiro. And etc etc.

  2. Guess who got voted the best uniform in sports?

    These predictions are always hit and miss. They have to be taken with a grain of salt at the best of times. They often say it’s Pittsburgh or Vancouver winning it all and that hasn’t really happened yet. Anyways, who would have ever predicted LA would win the Cup? I sure didn’t. Let’s look back and laugh at this next year. Hell, maybe we do win the Cup and can have one of the best laughs ever.

  3. Darth, of course I completely agree that the Habs have the best uniform. It’s perfect. I’ve always had a soft spot for their whites. I think it’s because when I was a kid, finding a white Habs sweater was very difficult. It was rare to see one. And I remember the first time I ever saw their reds, at the Forum when I was a young teen. I remember being surprised that it was sort of a reddish/orange colour and not the really dark red that I had thought. Imagine if they screwed around with the uniform the way the Canucks have, and others too, changing several times over the years. It wouldn’t be right.

  4. Tom, good points, although I believe Montreal is slightly better with Armstrong and Prust, and moving Campoli and Staubitz out. Minor things, but maybe it’s much better. We’ll see how these other teams do with their moves, and maybe a guy like Nash in NY will make a world of difference. But maybe not. Everything depends on so much, a few of which I listed in my piece. Like Toe Blake said, predictions are for gypsies.

  5. Oh I agree. Who knows what will happen? It’s all a guessing game. One thing that should help a lot is less injuries, a full season of Gionta, Markov, Moen and White could mean great things.

    If it helps, the Poolers Guide NHL hockey magazine has the Habs in 10th, and the Leafs in 14th.

  6. Habsdoc, sorry for the delay in your comments coming up. I checked my settings and it was set for any more than one link in a comment and it awaited moderation. I’ve changed it to three. This has come up before and I think I’ve finally fixed it.

  7. Habs in 10th still isn’t great, but I love the idea that they left the Leafs in the dust. But 10th. Jeez.

  8. Not to worry Dennis.
    They picked the Sens for 15th last year and we know how that turned out.
    Then again,they picked the Habs to finish 8th last year and they kind of missed that one too.
    However…the Hockey News did screw up big on their X-FACTOR!!!! and I quote.
    “Gomez doesn’t have to be the comeback player of the year but he must improve on last years horrible totals.”
    Guess they didn’t see it coming.
    Can you say…BACK…TO BACK…TO BACK!!!!!

  9. JW, we’ll trade you Gomez for a jar of dirt from the lawn where Aurele Joliat lived in the Glebe.

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