Third And Final Glimpse Into The KHL. “The Shootout”

Below is my son-in-law and great friend Denis Brel, who took the photos. Unfortunately, Denis has been a Pittsburgh fan for a long time and I suppose it’s his only flaw.

The following photos, aside from the cheerleaders shot of course, are of St. Petersburg SKA players taking the shootout. Unfortunately for hometown fans, SKA, maybe a little overconfident, lost on this night to basement-dwelling Vityaz Chekhov.

Denis said he had so much fun he’s buying season tickets next year. 


5 thoughts on “Third And Final Glimpse Into The KHL. “The Shootout””

  1. from what i have seen and read, denis is a smart dude, someone you will surely want on the upper management team. i don’t think such a good hockey man would remain a pitts fan for ever especially given the status, great fun and financial gain becoming a habs fan would bring to him…………… thanks for the pics denis

  2. He’s a smashing young man and that scarf he’s holding looks very nice.

    But that sweater has to CHange.

    You and Blue Bayou have lots of work to do Dennis!

  3. Thanks Dennis and Denis for the fine pictures.

    Are those 21 jerseys hanging from the rafters for retired numbers?

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