Thinking About P.K. And Cammy

Hobo came up with something that had me thinking during my 30 minute drive home tonight.

He said that once Scott Gomez moves on, then P.K.Subban or Mike Cammalleri will unfortunately become the next whipping boy in Montreal.

I wondered if that could happen.

We put a lot of pressure on our boys to perform and do the sweater proud, and if someone finds himself in and out of way too many slumps, who doesn’t seem to always give 100%, and doesn’t really help the team much at all, then they hear it from us. Especially if they have big honkin’ contracts.

It possible that something like this could happen with Cammalleri. I hope not, though. But then again, this is a guy who makes 6 million bucks, which is second-most on the team behind you-know-who. So for sure, he has to earn it or we’ll call him out on it.

Cammy can be a dynamic player, there’s no denying. He can fire pucks into top corners with one knee on the ice a la Sidney Crosby, and he scores big goals at important times. Big goals from the slot are his bread and butter. Checking and tying guys up and digging pucks out of scrums – not so much.

So for him to be whipping boy, the team has to be quite ordinary, worse than they are right now, and Cammy has to fall into a long slump, or give the puck away too many times, or just not do much of anything while collecting a fair chunk of change.

With P.K., we’re expecting so much of him it’s almost too much to ask, We want our P.K. to quickly become a Norris Trophy candidate. We want him to be a bonafide all-star, to take pucks and charge up the ice with people rising from their seats the way they rose for Guy Lafleur. We haven’t had a superstar, a real superstar, in a long time, and P.K., along with the big guy in goal, is our hope.

So could P.K. become a whipping boy? I suppose it’s possible, but it would be horrible if it happened. If he plays without enthusiasm, which I can’t picture, or if he makes mistake after mistake leading to too many goals, but he’s too good for that.

He’s also so likeable that I can’t see anyone turning on him. At some point soon, his salary is going to raise slightly more than the $875,000 he collects now, but I’m sure he’ll earn every penny along the way. He’s P.K. for goodness sakes!

Just picture him in a few years. Smiling that big smile, being slightly silly, polishing his Norris.

I found Hobo’s comment very thought-provoking. Maybe after Gomez, there will be no whipping boy. Maybe we’re burning so much energy with this guy, we won’t feel like it with anybody else.

I just hope everyone plays well enough to avoid the wrath of the fans.

11 thoughts on “Thinking About P.K. And Cammy”

  1. Great article Dennis.

    I think PK and Cammy will be fine. The main reason for that is because they look like they are trying. They do have some success and are capable of great things so the fans love them and are willing to accept mistakes and missed chances and goofs. There have been comments made about them here and there but overall the majority love them. If you go to a game at the Bell Centre and see the player intros, they get major cheers.

    A player like Gomez is a special case. We have seen him in action and we have seen him playing half-assed, not trying, not caring, laughing it up, and that has stuck in all our minds. I’ve heard people booing him during the player intros.

    I can’t imagine anyone getting as much heat as Gomez. When Price was first starting I know he got a lot of bad feelings, but even that pales in comparison to the overall hate people have for Gomez.

    Of course once Gomez is gone, who knows what may happen. That’s the million dollar question. We’re all so focused on Gomez that we kind of forget about the rest of them. Without him around who knows who will get the blame.

    I know Gionta has gotten some heat and so has Budaj. Martin is very disliked as well. Andre K gets a bit as well from time to time but he’s usually forgiven once he gets himself going.

  2. DK, I have corrected my previous post that the Philly game was at 6:PM. When I set up to tape RDS was showing starting at 6 but have now changed it to 3:PM.

  3. Dennis,

    “Smiling that big smile, being slightly silly, polishing his Norris”

    (cough) I’ve led a sheltered life and never heard it referred to as that before.

    Anyway, I’m going to have the luxury of watching hockey at 8.00pm on a Friday evening. Joy unabounded.

    But like lunchtime kick-offs in feetball over here, can we expect a somewhat subdued game as the players are physically conditioned to playing evenings? 3.00pm in the afternoon is a time when a lot of sport is played but in the life of a pro hockey player, not so much I think.

    Whatever, I’m just hoping the chaps have a little more zest than in Carolina. I saw quite a bit of that game as I was up late finishing some work. They took a while to get going it has to be said.

    And I must say the local commentary team put the sort of nonsense you get from Jack Edwards and the like to shame. Yes they were focused on their boys but were fair and knowledgeable, I thought. A welcome relief from some of the road games I’ve watched.

    I understand the frustration with Gomez but we have to remember he’s some mother’s son…

    But I think you have a point. Fans these days seem to fix on a player or two and it gets very difficult for that player to get out from under it. I think with modern media allowing so much detailed comment and coverage this kind of discontent gets magnified, perhaps more so than in years gone by.

  4. Darth, fans have got on players over the years but nothing like Gomez. Kostitsyn has heard the boos, Kovalev did too, but in general, Gomez takes the cake. You would I would consider if I was Gomez? I would seriously consider donating a large percentage of my salary to charity. It would go over well with fans and he can certainly afford it. It might even make us applaud him. But as long as he takes the money and does nothing, as has been the case, he’s going to hear it from us.

  5. Blue Bayou, I’m glad you mentioned Jack Edwards. He’s the biggest homer I’ve heard in a long time. I’m glad I don’t have to listen to him. Bruins fans deserve him. And probably, Habs fans are a little harder on their players than other teams’ fans. The bar was set high years ago and we don’t want it lowered. In Gomez’ case, it doesn’t wear the sweater the way we want him to wear it. I think an Alaskan turtleneck would suit him better.

  6. Dennis, if Gomez did that it would say quite a lot. He won’t though. I have the feeling that he’s going to hold on to this money for as long as possible because he knows he’ll never make this much again. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t think this was his last contract ever.

  7. If the shoe fits, wear it. The reason Gomez is our whipping boy is because he deserves it. Saying that we’ll be looking for our next whipping boy minimizes what Gomez didn’t do. For now, Gomez is deserving of our wrath.

    Having said that, Cammi is starting to get on my nerves as tad…:)

  8. the shoe fits pretty much everyone on this team except price, not to mention gainey, the mastermind of this below mediocre team, gautier and jm.

  9. Darth, Cammy isn’t earning his six million right now. He’s supposed to be one of the big guns and he’s only a derringer.

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