Things Were Slightly Cheaper In The 1940’s

This is an ad from a 1940’s newspaper I found years ago. As you can see, prices were somewhat less than they are today. 

Imagine, the Rocket, Elmer Lach, Toe Blake, Teeder Kennedy, Howie Meeker, Turk Broda – all the boys, for 75 cents.


6 thoughts on “Things Were Slightly Cheaper In The 1940’s”

  1. In one way `the good ol’ days’ were always good in that one was young. However, in many ways `the good ol’ days’ weren’t all that good although, sigh, I remember with nostalgic fondness when movies were a dime and you got the news reel and the serial, sx a cartoon, then the feature, when dead fish did not litter the beaches, when food was either fresh or home-preserved, when steet hockey, tin can cricket and karting were the norm. Course, in the fifties seats to a game musta cost an arm and a leg, at least $2.50 or more.


    i notice there is 4 teams with only one lost in regulation time,they are all playing tonight,shoulb be a good hockey nite ….but im working….good day


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