Things On A Sunday Afternoon

As I wait impatiently for the Grammy Awards to start, I’ve decided to show a few pictures because….well, just because. Hope you don’t mind. And is it true the Grammys people have set aside a few minutes tonight to honour  Johnny Bower’s “Honky the Christmas Goose?” Will Johnny and Lady Gaga sing a duet? Will the Rinkydinks come out of retirement?

I was at a Kings-Flames game in Calgary some time ago and took this photo of Wayne Gretzky chatting with the Kings trainer. I just wanted you to see how stylish the trainer looked. Nice socks.

This isn’t just any pin, this is a homemade silver pin my ex-brother-in-law had made for me one Christmas. This is one of my all-time favourite Chirstmas presents not only because it’s a silver Habs pin but because it also came from this fellow whom I was very close to. He also doesn’t talk to me anymore. He and his brother, who was also a good guy. I’m like a stranger to them now. But I understand this kind of thing.

One was a Leaf fan and the other liked the Wings. Both hated the Habs.

This young lady was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, and also happens to be my wife’s daughter. As you are well aware, there are Habs fans all over the place, even in Boston probably. Heck, come to think of it, I know two Habs fans in Boston – Diane, who likes both the Habs and Bruins, and her sister Nancy, who is a Hab fan through and through. But that might be it. I’m sure there are thousands in St. Petersburg, though.

My son was in Berlin way back and picked me up some rocks from the Berlin Wall. I’m just not sure if I’m crazy about the picture, which is Soviet leader Leonid Breznev and East German Communist leader Erich Honecker saying hello to each other. Brezhnev was a big hockey fan and was in attendance at the four games in Moscow during the 1972 Summit Series. No idea if Honecker liked hockey but he probably told Brezhnev he did as part of kissing his ass. And lips.

As you can see, I am the world’s greatest bartender, although I’m retired from the profession. This was given to me in Sudbury, right around the time of the Summit Series. I’m very proud of this. What, you don’t have one? Hah!

Danno sent me this last night. He said he’d been saving it, and finally sent it over after the big 5-0 blitzing of those Laffs.


8 thoughts on “Things On A Sunday Afternoon”

  1. What a range. Your wife’s daughter looks smart in her Habs gear. Is she still a Hab?

    I thought the trainer was you for a brief (easily confused) moment.

    Demolished. Hmm. I was trying to come up with another but failed.

  2. Darth, we need several teams bombed now. And the way things went tonight, I feel like getting bombed.

  3. Hi Dennis:

    Interesting mix of photos and comments. Thanks for the shout out to Nancy and I. As always, I remain a loyal fan of Dennis Kane and his really strong beer first and foremost.

    Happy Valentines Day to you and all your readers.

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