Things Just Don’t Get Any Funnier. Another Loss Anybody?

Could it be that this thing has now turned funny? The Canadiens fourth loss in a row, a loosey-goosey 5-4 clown show to the lowly Ottawa Senators, a team so far down in the standings you can see the earth’s core. It’s gone way beyond sad or bad. It great fun. A riot. Like Bob Hope, Robin Williams and Milton Berle all wrapped up in a big stinkin barrel of yuk yuks.

Teetering on the brink of not making the playoffs?… Hilarious!

Carey Price playing like the back-up goalie for the Washago Whatdoyoucallits?… Please stop, my sides are aching!!

Two guys are sitting around and one says to the other,”Hey, did you hear about the Montreal Canadiens?” And the other guy says, “What, they lose again?” Bada bin, bada boom.

It’d be great if they lose some more. It’s soooo funny! Har dee har har.

Toronto’s in town Saturday to play the Habs. How funny is that one gonna be?

Random Notes:

Bob Gainey chose Carey Price fifth in the first round of the NHL 2005 draft. Geez, he could’ve had Gilbert Brule, Jack Skille, or Devin Setoguchi, who went sixth, seventh, and eighth respectively.

Charlie Hodge is living near Vancouver. Anybody think about giving him a call about putting the pads back on?

Wouldn’t it be great if Bob Gainey fired himself and hired Mario Tremblay and Patrick Roy to work together behind the bench?

I was asked recently who should coach the Habs. I said I should. I’ve got a fedora.

I’ve got an excellent idea. Why doesn’t Gainey take the guys bowling?

Guillaume Latendresse, who scored two goals against those mighty Ottawa Senators, went 45th overall in the 2005 entry draft, the same year as Price. I don’t have a joke for this. I guess I used up all my A material.

3 thoughts on “Things Just Don’t Get Any Funnier. Another Loss Anybody?”

  1. If the goalie has an off night that’s still no excuse to play like they did. Months ago, they won despite the goalie having bad nights (and a backup called Denis who you would not want in nets to replace him anyway). They take 30 minutes to “warm up” in the game instead of before the game. It’s like a comedy. But more a comedy of errors, especially the powerplay.

    Good to have Gui! back though. I missed the big lug. Too bad he missed is last shot for the hat trick.

  2. I’ve been saying this for about two years now:

    Chris Higgins has got to go.

    How does he keep getting #1 and powerplay ice time? Latendresse has more goals in the same amount of games.

    Koivu has more goals. So does D’Agostini. And Markov.

    Heck, even Kovalev has more goals.

    I have no idea how he keeps getting so much love from the fans.

    And we could have traded him for someone like Sundin or some other superstar?

    This gets more and more depressing.

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