They’ve Slumped Before And They’ll Slump Again.


From the Toronto Daily Star, January 6, 1940.


It reads: “Hector “Toe” Blake, left winger de luxe and ace sniper of the deflated Montreal club which steams into Leafs at the Gardens tonight, desperate to break a losing jinx which has relentlessly pursued them.  Blake recently lost a pair of his running mates when Johnny Gagnon joined the Americans ‘Foreign Legion,” under General Red Dutton, and Robinson fled to New Haven.  New blood has been injected and you may see Blake and “Wild Bill” Summerhill hotly chasing rubber on the same front line tonight.  Last time Canadiens and Leafs met in Montreal it was a delirious Donnybrook.

If the boys resume where they left off it will be a show no fight fan can afford to miss.

2 thoughts on “They’ve Slumped Before And They’ll Slump Again.”

  1. Are you saying we’ll have to be satisfied with 10 wins, come last in the NHL by a mile and be the only team not to make the playoffs? That season wasn’t a slump, it was the middle of the worst 4 years in the franchise’s history since the 1920s. Even Houle could have turned that around.

    Our slump now has been 7 games of bad hockey where we’ve cultivated 8 points, hardly the depths of the hockey depression in Montreal. I don’t think we’ll slump like 1940 again for a long long while. Not so long as the person at the helm is paying attention…

    Nice newspaper clip though. I don’t know where you come up with these things. All very interesting. Donnybrook, I’ll have to work that in to my posts.

  2. I’ve been collecting rare and unusual Habs stuff for many years.
    As far as you asking if I’d be satisfied with the same sort of thing as 1940, you have me scratching my head. All I did was try to connect what was written in the story about having some down times, with the Habs lousy play now. There was no comparing records or whatever.
    I know about those times. The losses, the meagre crowds, about how things slowly changed when the Rocket appeared.
    Would I be satisfied with a ten win season? What a question. I’m not satisfied with one loss.

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