5 thoughts on “They’re Like A Bad Rash”

  1. Whenever our arch enemies square off against each other it feels a lot like asking if I prefer to be shot or stabbed. Neither one is going to make me happy.

    I’m also terribly torn because as much as I hate Boston – and I really really do – I’m also having issues with the little jagoff Eric Staal for costing me Markov again this year. My hate-o-meter is well into the red zone here Dennis.

  2. It’s too tough, Tyg. On one hand we want Boston obliterated. And the other hand, we want Carolina obiterated. I guess we can only hope for some pulled groins.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much. The habs are having a better January than December. We are getting a chance to play our younger boys. Washington and Rangers are struggling and dropping. I think if we continue to improve, we will be healthier and stronger at the end. I hope for one more trade for a bigger forward. I need for the canucks to tank as I will be attending on 22nd Feb and don’t want to be there and lose again.

  4. Of course if we need both teams to lose, Murphy dooms us to the 3 point game where the only losers are the other teams in the conference.

  5. Mayo, I went to a Habs game in Vancouver in the late ’90’s and Montreal lost something like 5-1. It was horrible. I also saw the Habs in Washington in the 80’s and they lost 5-0.

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