They’re Humans!

The 1972 Summit Series wasn’t the first time the Russian National team set foot on North American soil. Fifteen years prior, in 1957, the Soviets played exhibition games in Canada, were guests of Maple Leaf Gardens for a Leafs-Hawks game, and made it known that one of their priorities was to see the great Rocket Richard in action (I don’t know if this happened or not).

They played to capacity crowds, said the big difference between NHL and Russian hockey was “the unnecessary roughness in the NHL”, and a Canadian teenager, seeing the foreigners in a hotel lobby exclaimed, “They’re humans, just like we are!”

2 thoughts on “They’re Humans!”

  1. Dennis you amaze me with all your hockey knowledge and experiences. I try and picture some of your encounters and experiences sometimes as I read them.

    How about our once glorious team…man the season is grinding away and there is no margin now for them to make much of a move towards the post season. I guess now we all wait and see if they trade their only true scorer. I have often criticized Max but with out him they have nothing in the way of snipers. My criticism is only that he could be an elite allround forward instead of just a sniper. He has it all…big body…great skater….superb shot and durable. Oh the potential in this player is something else. I read with almost pure astonishment on the suggestions of trading away the only scorer they have seeing as they can’t score goals. Imagine if you will allowing this over hyped MB making that trade to improve his team and i n charge of the rebuild on a team he has taken from average or a bit better to a doormat in 6 years I think. I am 72 in a week and just about fed up with the politics of the Habs and the need to have French only management. They will never win again with the mentality that only French speaking coaches and GM’s need apply.

  2. Hi Cliff. Yeah, If Max was more aggressive he’d be a nice power forward. What if he plays more like Gallagher! I find the team boring, with no real identity. They haven’t been able to find a star centreman. John Tavares would look good in the sweater. My friend and I were talking about Danny Gallivan last night. What an atmosphere he created. It’s not like that at all now.

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