4 thoughts on “They’d Soon Realize”

  1. Hey Dennis how’s it going? Its been a while. Anyway I remember Ken Dryden saying sometime after that series that winning against the Russians was the worst thing that could have happened for Canadian hockey. Winning the series told us that our game was in a good place, we were still the best, we didn’t need to change anything, no one could beat us. As a result our game did not evolve the way it did in Europe and while we continued to win many saw that we were falling behind in skill development. I’ve been saying for some time that the same thing is happening now but it’s the US that is doing a better job of developing high end players. We need to borrow from the US the methods they are using and revamp our way of teaching the game to kids in Canada.

  2. Hi D-John. That’s probably true what Dryden said, but it just would’ve sucked if we had lost that series, as close as it was anyway. Are you set for the season? I think it’s going to be interesting after such a mediocre preseason for the boys.

  3. Hey Dennis. Certainly feeling better about the coming season than I was a week ago. Funny what two good games can do for one’s confidence! I do wish the defense was more fixed, not sure where Shlemko fits in and whether Mete will stay with the team. Mete is one of those cases where you wished he didn’t have to go back to junior as he’s clearly developed past that level of hockey. And of course a little curious about what Bergevin might do with the cap space he has. Hope all is well with the family and looking forward to the season and more nuggets from the best site in the world!

  4. Hi D-John. My buddy says Bergevin is saving the 8 million for trade deadline day. I don’t know. And I too hope Mete earns a full-time spot. He looked terrific on Thursday night. A great skater, and smart.

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