They’d Pay Back The Leafs That April

It was the 59th game in a 70-game schedule, and on this night, February 24th, 1960, the Toronto Maple Leafs would beat the Canadiens 3-1. But Montreal would eventually get the last laugh in April, winning their 5th straight Stanley Cup by sweeping these same Leafs in four games.

The Rocket would retire after this 1959-60 season and Doug Harvey would take over as captain. But because Harvey was heavily involved in creating a players association, and who also marched to the beat of his own drum, both of which didn’t exactly thrill Frank Selke and the rest of management, he would be dealt to the New York Rangers a year later (1961-62). Jean Beliveau would captain the team for the next ten years after Harvey moved on.

It was also only a few months before this 25 cent program went on sale that Jacques Plante would don his mask for the first time, on November 1, 1959, and he would go on to win the Vezina at the end of the season.

What a year. What a program.


4 thoughts on “They’d Pay Back The Leafs That April”

  1. I can’t say I remember that game Dennis.

    After all, I was only eight months old. But I’m sure I was already a little Habs fan!

  2. Dennis,

    Looking at the nasal equipment of Mr Harris there on the programme reminds me that your favourite Brad Marchand will be up before Bernard O’Shambles today.

    He needn’t worry. I have it on good authority that a review of the incident on previously unseen footage taken by Colin Campbell’s i-phone shows kindly Brad beniding to usher to safety a small fluffy kitten that had strayed onto the ice as Salo attempts to skate it in half.

    Brad will be warned to be careful when engaging in ice based animal welfare activities in future as he could have been hurt.

    You heard it here first

  3. Blue Bayou, I’m hoping a nice cat says hello to Mr. Marchand. Maybe a lion, or tiger, or panther, or cougar.

  4. Danno, you had some prime Hab watching in the 1970’s when you were a teen. Now we need some prime Habs watching now that we’re slightly older.

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