They Want Georges To Play For Them?

All these reports lately about fired Hab Georges Laraque wanting to play for AIK Stockholm and at one point he was going, then he wasn’t because of technicalities with his contract etc.

For me, it’s not about whether he can or can’t because of contract complications. It’s about him.

The Swedish Elite League, of which Stockholm AIK is part of, consists of swift-skating, highly-skilled players zooming around with much less physical play than in the NHL.

I stress the words “swift-skating, highly-skilled, less physical.”

And they want Georges to play for them?

5 thoughts on “They Want Georges To Play For Them?”

  1. During lockout season 2005 Georges played 13 games for AIK Stockholm and did 16 points during those games. He quickly became a favourite among fans. Now AIK doesn’t play for the Elite League. They are in the division below “Allsvenskan” (nnlike NHL the SEL has a relegation system). Since Georges promised to play for free I can see why they want him again. AIK has serious economical trouble.

  2. That’s fine and thank you. But if you expect Georges to have 16 points in 13 games now, I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen. He has hands of stone. It’s five years later. And although he plays for for free, will he help a team and have the team sit someone who might definitely be an offensive threat? I’m sorry, but Georges is not a player anymore who will help Stockholm.

  3. Yes you’re both probably right there. All I can say is that when watching habs games on my computer the screen doesn’t seem to lag as much as usual when he’s on the ice. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for a great blog.

  4. Thanks EKGD. Georges wasn’t any help at all in a Habs uniform and it’s now very difficult to understand why he was even in the NHL. He’s just not good enough in so many ways, plain and simple. He’d be lost on that big ice surface in Europe with those great skaters. It also might be difficult for better players than him sitting on the sidelines to understand why he’s on a roster and they’re not.

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