“They Talk Amongst Themselves Like Old Friends”

The letter at the bottom was sent by Noman to NHL Arena Habs blog vote during round three and it made my heart soar like an eagle. He says I’ve got the friendliest and most civilized commenters out there.

It’s down to round four, the final round, and there’s three of us left with myself up against a couple of real quality sites. If you vote for me, I’ll vote for you when you run for dictator of a small country or Prime Minister or President or American Idol or whatever it is you decide to run for. Thank you. The link again is Habs blog vote. You have to register before voting but you don’t mind because you’re an excellent person.

And here’s Noman’s letter:

Dennis Kane has the most lively and yet civilized discussions. He finds the most interesting and unknown facts and pictures and presents them in an intelligent and humorous manner. The regulars to the site always add interesting insight and talk amongst themselves like old friends. He updates the site every day and always has something thoughtful to say about how the Habs are doing. Check him out and I am sure you will become a regular too.

9 thoughts on ““They Talk Amongst Themselves Like Old Friends””

  1. I like this line: “lively yet civilized”

    That’s exactly why I like this blog, because you bring up good point and you never really get any really stupid arguments from hundreds of anonymous people in the comments section *cough* habs inside out *cough*. I would rather read about one good point, and half a dozen peoples good ideas on the topic, than one mediocre point followed by hundreds of less than mediocre comments.

    This is definitely the best “civilized” habs blog there is.

  2. “The regulars to the site always add interesting insight and talk amongst themselves like old friends”

    I personally like this line. ’cause we started off as strangers and now we’re discussing respectably which is really rare in blogs these days.

    Cheers to Dennis!

  3. Nice to see your blog getting the credit it deserves Dennis. Although Norman maybe have changed his thoughts on the civilized part if he ever read any discussions between me and Jim, or Jim and anybody else for that matter.

  4. Thanks Jordy. To those who weren’t around a year or two ago, Jim was a regular reader who loved to battle with everyone else. Sometimes it was interesting but sometimes it was extremely ugly and over the top. It got so bad I began deleting his comments and he dropped out of sight. I like it much better the way it is now.

  5. Phil, we’re on our way. Get the beer chilled! Hope you’ve got room for us all. (Phil lives in China)

  6. Thanks for doing a great job Dennis. You got my vote because your blog is definitely “topshelf” not because you will be buying me a beer in Powell River this summer…….the cold beer will be a nice touch though.

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