They Snickered At The Cole Deal

Sportsnet’s Doug MacLean and Nick Kypreos were almost wetting their pants. Columbus had vastly overpaid James Wisniewski and others, and they were on the subject of Montreal’s new power forward, Erik Cole. (And I’m paraphrasing).” FOUR YEARS!!!” trumpeted MacLean. “Can you imagine, four years! I mean, Cole’s a decent player, but you can bet he was shocked with this offer. SHOCKED! You can be sure he wasn’t expecting that, and when this came over the wires, Cole said, “Where do I sign!”

” This deal doesn’t make sense.”

Kypreos added his two cents. “He’s big, he’s been a good player, but he takes too many nights off and he’s not getting any younger. It’s a crazy deal, like so many that have happened today.”

And then they smiled and looked saintly and carried on about others.

(I might add that Brad Richards, who everyone has been salivating over in these past few days, is only just a little over a year younger than Cole).

So as much as I’m happy, and maybe you too, to have a goal-scoring power forward added to a lineup that desperately needed a goal-scoring power forward, these two clowns rained on the parade and now once again it’s up to the Habs to prove people wrong.

Erik Cole is almost exactly what the doctor ordered. He’s not Benoit Pouliot, who came over from Minnesota as a bust, we knew it was possible he might remain a bust, and sadly, he was. But Cole plays hard and is a leader – both of which Pouliot lacked in generous heapings. We know Cole will help the team. We weren’t sure about the other guy.

But when I say Cole is a goal scorer, he’s not Guy Lafleur, and in Montreal he needs to step it up slightly to make us happy and shut up the talking heads. He’s a ten-year veteran, has toiled in 620 games, recording 184 goals and 206 points along the way. That’s something like a goal every three and a half games or so, and it would be lovely if his numbers improve slightly while wearing the CH.

I feel they will. I once read “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

And now, for your viewing enjoyment.

 I present to you possibly the feeblest video you might ever see, shot by yours truly last February when the boys were in Vancouver. This was after I missed all the good stuff with Carey Price and Subban etc. because I forgot I had a camera in my pocket. I’ve been saving it for a time when it might seem relevant, and now that Alex Auld has gone to Ottawa, it’s time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you………..Alex Auld warming up in Vancouver. (Of course he didn’t play in the game).

6 thoughts on “They Snickered At The Cole Deal”

  1. I’m happy about Cole. There was an excellent article today regarding the actual amount Cole will take home by playing in Montreal as opposed to some of the other cities that were trying to get him. He will earn substantionaly less by playing in Montreal with the higher taxes but as he said he wants to win and he sees Montreal as a chance to do that.
    He’s a battler; willing to take a hit and more than capable of dishing it out so I am impressed with the signing. Add to that he can score and is a leader and I wish it was September already.
    I don’t think Gauthier is complete yet. I think there is more to come.

  2. I’m happy too, Don. We’ve been hoping for a bigger impact forward for some time now, since we got manhandled by Philly a couple of years ago, and he should really help. Another scorer would be unbelievable.

  3. Speaking of Richards…there’s a pretty funny video that pops up in the queue after yours is done called “Alex Auld screws up”. Shows Auld holding the puck on his stick, Richards is just standing there by the boards, and Burrows comes in right on Auld who freaks and ends up giving it away to Burrows to score, ties the game up. Richards didn’t even move.

    There’s your 60-million dollar man, Rangers… Career -72, which included years Turco didn’t suck and Tortorella lost his mind.

    As for Cole, Habs made sure he won’t score on them now!

  4. And #31, Damien Cox made a good point about Richards. He had a lockout clause inserted into his contract and Cox asked how greedy one can be when he’s already making so many millions.

  5. DK, the play by play sounded like Bob Cole, once again asleep at the micraphone. The colour commentors reminded me of Milbury & Healy, they very rarely say anything worth listening to & this time they surpassed their normal efforts!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  6. Mike, I just wish I would’ve remember my camera a bit earlier and got a bunch more. And speaking of Bob Cole, he should have no problem pronouncing Erik Cole.

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