5 thoughts on “They Must Have Forgotten Their Jersey Milk”

  1. Danno, I’ve sent the Guinness ad to my brother. That’s his favourite beer and I’m hoping he uses this for his desktop.

  2. My expectations are low, so last night wasn’t a surprise. Bourque looks like he cares this year, a plus. Really, aside from Glenn Healy’s oral Leafgasim and Grape’s self-congratulations, it was an OK night. The Habs are skating, we have only 47 games of this stuff and the future is extremely bright. I’ll have a barley pop instead!

  3. Mike, I thought Bourque showed a little more life too. Maybe even a little less weight. I’m hoping the future is bright but I’m not entirely convinced.

  4. Jersey Milk is such a boring chocolate bar. It has no personality, is flat like hell, and reeks of sadness. The packaging is all fancy but it’s like a lonely little soul doing something to scream for attention.

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups however, would have guaranteed a win.

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