Therrien Likes Things Drab

Geez, I hope this doesn’t hurt my stick boy chances.

What do I think about the seemingly never-ending P.K. Subban/Michel Therrien saga?

I personally believe PK drives Therrien crazy, only because Therrien is an idiot who believes PK should be harnessed and talks too much and doesn’t deserve more ice time or playing for Team Canada in the Olympics because Therrien never really grew out of his grade eight mentally or understanding that some people just have high-level personalities. Unlike him.

It’s a personality conflict that would make this coach dislike PK even if he was nothing more than his next door neighbour.

Therrien might also feel he’s getting into Marc Bergevin’s good books by not showcasing him and possibly keeping PK’s bucks from being sky-high when it’s time for a brand new contract. Kind of a brown-nosing, self-serving approach.

Why does the entire hockey world wonder what Therrien’s doing with this young stud? Because like I said, there’s a strong chance the guy’s an idiot.

And what was so wrong with PK and Price’s triple low-five?

“I always like teams who are humble” Therrien said back then when he banned the triple low-five. “It’s a team concept. It starts with that. In life, I think you have to be humble. And we have to respect the game. We have to respect the other team. And we have to respect our fans.”

PK’s personality almost certainly rubs this guy the wrong way. Something will have to give soon.

Random Notes:

My co-worker Gilles Gratton, who played goal in both the NHL and WHA, said the Canadiens wouldn’t have scored on Jaroslav Halak the other night in the shootout even if every player on the team took a turn. Halak didn’t move, the skaters waited for him to do just that, and they ultimately were confused when he stood his ground. Whereas, says Gilles, Carey Price is a slow goalie, his reflexes aren’t overly quick, he can’t react in shootouts, and if he was smaller, he wouldn’t even be in the NHL.

8 thoughts on “Therrien Likes Things Drab”

  1. I stand by what I said in response to an earlier post: It’s either going to be Therrien or PK who is here next season……but not both. PK may not be complaining publicly about his mistreatement by Therrien, but you can be sure that he’s noting it and that it will not be forgotten. Unless Therrien is fired, you can expect to see PK Subban in another team’s uniform next season.

  2. I thought the same as everyone, Therrien is an idiot for not playing him. But I’ve really endured just about all I can listening to everyone PK this and PK that. The media here is not a circus, it’s a Cirque du Soleil. Honestly, we have no clue why Therrien is doing what he’s doing and why Bergevin is supporting it if he’s supporting it and that goes for Molson, too.

    Until you get me that job in the penalty box by means of your stickboy position and I can get the lowdown from my man PK himself and his teammates, I will not add to this by supporting the media and its National Hockey Inquirer.

    But I will say this: Carey, you will always makemenervous.

  3. That’s right, Danno. Unleash him and let him go and even though the odd mistake crops up, the upside is way more than the downside. Way more.

  4. I’m pretty sure Mr. Molson has no choice now but to make you stick boy.

    That beautiful jacket is going to make it happen.

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