Therrien Gets Boot

I know that my friend Mike Williamson, for more than six decades a Habs fan, is pissed about the Therrien firing.

Not because Therrien was fired, that’s a great thing! But because he feels Claude Julien is just another old retread, as Therrien was. Both with two kicks at the can, and it should’ve been time for fresh blood.

Kirk Muller should’ve gotten the chance, says Mike. He liked the idea of Gerard Gallant coming back too.

I’m fine with having Julien on board. Or pretty well anybody else for that matter. Not Patrick Roy, but pretty well anybody. I’m a wait and see guy with Julien, and maybe he’ll help jumpstart a team that needs to send the wives to Powell River, put their heads down, look within themselves and not like what they see, and climb out of this freefall with whatever inner and outer strength it takes.

The fact is, even with a healthy Carey Price, the team now looks almost as bad as last year’s. And if they’re even close to last year’s futility after the dust settles, I know my soul will go dead and I’ll spend my remaining years drooling and maybe trying to understand cricket.

Even Danno, a fellow who was a regular and enthusiastic commentor on here for years, told me recently that because of last year, he barely pays attention now.

It hit us hard, that pathetic display by the Montreal Canadiens last year, and now WTF? Younger fans with favourite players might stay true and sort of excited, but guys like me are getting the shit pounded out of our hearts and the times they are a changin.

Danny Gallivan, where are you? Come down and help make hockey magical again.

Michel Therrien needed to go. Something that Dra58 (Dan in Malone NY) has been saying all along, year after year. He recognized the ‘boring, dump and chase, don’t take chances’ Therrien style, and hated it. Echoed by Peter Rherbergen in Chesley, Ontario who nicknamed Therrien ‘Thornbush’ and who has called for the coach’s head for several years.

Peter says today: “It’s Valentine’s Day, and Bergevin showed us some love. The boys can be creative again. Emelin will horizontalize folks again, Weber may return to being a force, Galchenyuk will gain confidence, Shaw will learn grit within the rules.

Peter has always complained that Therrien has stifled certain players’ creativity, including PK Subban’s. And the way the benchboss gave Desharnais such major minutes is a big head scratcher.

Dishonest John in Kenora, Ont is another one. “Yup, as each day went by in this break I was thinking there was less and less of a chance this could happen. Now I’m over the moon.”

I’ll bet it’s the first time his high school students heard the old man yelp during math class.

We needed Michel Therrien gone for the sake of our health. Much of our mental stability was at stake. Although some of it was our own fault.

But imagine now if the thing continues to slide with Julien behind the bench. What a mess it would become. Another chapter of the big time soap opera called the Montreal Canadiens.  Equal parts sad and interesting soap opera.

Most of Montreal, plus fans everywhere else like you and me and Dan and Danno and Mike and Peter and Dishonest John, would need some serious drinks and drugs if the mess gets messier.

No way can we have a repeat of last year. So Therrien had to go.

25 thoughts on “Therrien Gets Boot”

  1. I think Claude Julien will take advantage of the situation to redeem himself and in the process turn things around for the Habs…at this stage i can only wish for a more positive development on and behind the bench…give the fans their money’s worth…they deserve it….hopefully before the next game they can get a priest in the dressing room at the Bell Centre to perform an exorcism!…and rid that place of the Therrien curse.

  2. Hey Dennis, I’m very pleased with the announcement of this coaching change. Therrien seemed to have an ego that couldn’t be quenched. I don’t think he was on really good terms with the team and their play this month has really faltered. I give Julian the best wishes I can to get these guys back on track.

  3. Radulov gonna set up Gal27 with beaty pass from amongst 3 opponents. #27 scores…..Radulov streaks to the bench to give Julien a big sloppy kiss! the fans go nuts and creative hockey has returned to The Bell. Our guys can win!!! They’ll get their heart back; which can out duell skill on occasion.

  4. Yes today is the 2nd best Valentines Day ever (any day with my wife is always the best). We have our own St.Valentine’s massacre. Thank you MB for doing what needed to be done at least a year ago but I wish he was never hired in the first place. De ja vu with Julien replacing him a second time and hopefully we get the same result that the Penguins did when they fired him. Not sure if I am a fan of CJ but definitely had a hate for MT and his boring system. CJ should tighten up the defense and hopefully Captain Kirk can keep the offense going then we will have something to be happy about. Go Habs Go! I expect CP will be happy as he seems to like him from team Canada.

  5. We are Hab fans with yearly great hope for fortune to smile . I hope Claude Julien can stabilize the situation and bring LE BLEU BLANC ET ROUGE to new heights that make us all proud . I do not online argue one way or another but for many months things seemed askew and being a simple fan I wish only the best for the team in all ways .

    Go Habs Go

  6. Julien is an improvement over Therrien, but I would have preferred to see what innovative ideas Muller would have brought. And he doesn’t have the stink of the Bruins on him.

    Although I should be a bit nicer to the Bs, they had to permit us to talk to and hire Julien who they still had under contract. Imagine if we meet in the play-offs this year.

  7. “And he doesn’t have the stink of the Bruins on him”. Yes, that is a problem. I remember all the whining Julien did over the years. So far it was funny. Now he’s the Habs coach. I agree with you guys, Muller should have been given a shot.

  8. Gonna be so interesting to see how things go from here, Bill. In the meantime, have a look at what the Leafs are doing and the games in hand they have. Montreal has to get their shit together.

  9. I know the players will be diplomatic in their quotes to the press but the first time MT throws one of them under the bus when he’s on L’antichambre, and you know he will, I hope we get an honest retort about how bad it was under MT. Now I’m curious to see what CJ does with the assistant coaches. Hopefully he can bring in some new blood there and by extension with the farm team as well.

  10. He’s been behind the bench for almost one day and they still haven’t scored! Outrageous! What was management thinking? Bergevin has to go too! We’ll never win! Coaching playing favorites! So he’s bilingual, they haven’t scored! He’s lost the room! What were they thinki…

    Oh. They haven’t played. Never mind. Trying beat the rush…

    It’s a great move. We now have an elite coach.

  11. Hi Dennis!

    Now that the palace coup has toppled Therrien, maybe some of the players who held that secret meeting with Marc Bergevin can get back to playing hockey again.

    Fact is, P.K. and Therrien aren’t around to take the blame anymore. It’s time for some of our key players to take a long look in the mirror now. Claude Julien needs to lay down the law and make sure everyone shows up and earns their pay. Some of the NHL’s most successful coaches were detested by the players – but that didn’t stop them from winning.

    No more bullshit please!

  12. It’s true DK and I have bled bleu blanc et rouge for 6 decades now but I can’t believe how long this team has been wandering around in the desert. I mean what a novel idea lets hire another coach we tied the can to
    , it worked out really well with MT. I really think Muller came back and started taking french lessons was that he thought he would have a shot at being promoted to head coach down the road. I wonder how he feels now knowing that opportunity just went down the toilet. I remember watching the home opening and MT barely got an applause but when Muller was announced the fans rose and cheered loud and long. They love him in Montreal. Our management has shown that they fear innovation as witnessed by what we watch every game! It used to be fans around the NHL laughed at what went on in Laff land, not anymore we now hold that honour. We missed a great opportunity to have Muller and Galant to start steering this team in the right direction. Well not really much more to say but DK’s right I am really pissed that this team will continue to flounder if this is the best that management can come up with!

  13. For good or bad, I think the 5+ year Julien contract means Molson will be keeping Bergevin around for a while. They’re both signed until 2022 at a combined salary of $5-6M/year (my guess), not to mention Therrien still earning $2M for another 2+ years. That’s a lot of beer sales.

    Above I wrote that the Bruins were being nice in letting the Canadiens hire Julien. The Internet experts write it’s because the Bruin owners are cheap bastards who would rather save the ~$1M left on this year’s salary. I should have known better than to think they were offering a professional courtesy. I think it also means that they’ve given up on making the play-offs this year.

  14. There are many happy posters today on the various Habs sites. Hope we give CJ a chance to get his systems in place and time to inject players into situations where they will best suited. It probably will take few weeks although if the players are as excited as many of us are they could click right away. Let’s hope for that.

  15. Chris, A note on MT contract while it was for 4 years they only owe him for 1 more year because the 4th year was a team option which I don’t believe that they will exercise now so after next year he is off to RDS.

  16. Thanks Dra for the update.

    And boy was I wrong on my Julien salary guess. Starting next season it will double to $5M/year. No wonder he didn’t wait until summer to see what other offers he gets.

  17. the problem with the Habs is that they are not good enough as a team. They have had the same philosophy for the last 25 years. nothing has changed. Look at the top end teams. Do you think we are close to any of them. They do well at the beginning of the year when everything is loosey-goosey but when things start to tighten up they are lost. They have to do what Toronto has done -rebuild.
    Why is it whenever we hire a new GM his philosophy is either small, defensive or soft and many times a combination of all of those……..with no superstars.
    Get rid of Bergevin.
    I dislike the Julien also. He’ is the biggest whiner the game has ever known. Why not Muller?????????? The question with Muller though is he also a defensive minded coach?

  18. I’m tired of them being a smaller team, Frank. I remember when I was a mid-teen playing hockey and when I was fighting for the puck against a much bigger kid, it just drained me. That 2010 playoffs when they eliminated both Washington and Pittsburgh was so great, but by the time of the Philly series, they were done like dinner. But I know it’s easier said than done.

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