There’s No Way I’m Going To Mention The Heatley/Spezza Thing

I’m not one for rumours and innuendo. I don’t believe in this practice. What if a story isn’t true and then it starts to spread, all because I happened to mention it. So I stay away from this because it just doesn’t seem right. This isn’t the National Enquirer you’re reading.

That’s why after talking to a friend in Ottawa who me told me this, there’s no way I’m going to mention that Jason Spezza got married on Saturday and Dany Heatley was a no-show and that the reason Heatley wants out of Ottawa is because he has a thing for Spezza’s woman.

12 thoughts on “There’s No Way I’m Going To Mention The Heatley/Spezza Thing”

  1. And there is no way I am going to mention that Spezza’s wife is a major hottie, and that I hope she does a Maxim cover.

  2. Oh Dennis, you can use her photos for an eye chart. You’ll tell Mrs. Kane, “off to another physical therapy appointment.” You rascal! Continue with your antics, I love it.

  3. Tons of rumours here about Heatley. But I know someone who babysits one of the Sens’ kids. The player’s wife says the same rumours were going around when they got married.

    I think the difference is that Heatley demanded a trade. Had he not, the rumour wouldn’t have gotten as much attention as it has.

  4. and there’s absolutely no way Dennis – NO WAY!!!! – that I am going to bring up the unsavoury fact that Jason is probably looking at a very nasty divorce and huge alimony payments in his future.

    NO WAY am I going there – but I did

  5. What!!! Heatley slept with Heatley`s wife! And Spezza doesn`t know about it!

  6. And Healtley also slept with Spezza`s wife and Spezza doesn`t know about it?


  7. Collective and very indicating/plausible evidence would dictate to any and all passionate sens fans that heater definitely had some type of past relations to spezzas current but surely not permanent wife. And I, like most others on this subject, would find no discomfort in saying whatever was going on between the three of them, had to be serious enough for heatley to make the choices he’s made and gone public with them. With no regard to the public assassination that awaited such an impossible scenario becoming a reality.

    Well guess what heater, you’re running away from your problems in life, once again, and we can only hope that one day, you’ll give yourself a check up from the neck up and correct your wrong doings before the entire national hockey league and its passionate cult of a fan base will forfeit all credibility in you as a genuine and warm blooded human being, expected to demonstrate the love, the heart, more so the respect for the game, enough to call you a team player. Or a highly endorsed role model representing every kids dream, demonstrating the attainable and very real goal to one day, be where you are…

    But clearly, not your exact situation.

    Just my three cents..

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