12 thoughts on “There’s No Title For This”

  1. Meh. Not one constructive argument to worry myself with. And his hate for the Flyers is laughable considering the coach of the Lighting is an ex-Flyer player trying to turn the Bolts into the Sunshine State Flyers, complete with that arsehole Steve Downie.

    He has no one but the NHL to blame for the yearly Habs fans invasion anyway. Probably the smartest scheduling they’ve done ever for those Sunbelt teams…

  2. I too left a comment(#9) for this idiot.It’s a wonder he was given the chance to write this comment.

  3. I take almost all of it as complements. Instead of hating himself, he hates everything that reminds him how much he hates his life. He hates teams better than his, he hates more knowledgeable fans, he hates people smarter than him.

  4. ol, good comments guys. I hope he learns that being so ugly doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Happy New Year gentlemen. The main thing is for your families to be happy and saffe and the habs to continue this winning pattern we’re on.

  5. Dennis, I too posted on that site. Mine is comment #11. I asked the man to respond, so stay tuned…

  6. The moderator of the TB site is currently reviewing my comment. It was posted hours ago so I don’t know why it’s taking so long…

  7. I think he has concerns aroound being expecte to answer your demand. He likely feels he crossed and line and cannot defend his ill-thought-out remarks. He allows swearing and strong language but has to think about your resquest. Hopefully he’s a little intimidated. I doubt this. Hopefully he apologizes. kinda funny. Mine was posted instantaeously.

  8. I thought it was great, he got into a little snit when there were more habs fans in the building than Bolt fans and they lose the game. So he had to dig deep to come up with those “very clever” shots at us. We win all around.

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