There’s No Rush Because Of Rush

The reason we must wait from Monday to Thursday for game four to get going at the Bell Centre? Because Rush is playing on Wednesday night.

I like Rush. They’re a good Canadian band out of Toronto who’ve held their rightful place in rock’s upper hierarchy for decades. It’s not their fault we must wait. Hell, they’re big hockey fans. They’d probably rather be watching too.

I also understand that business is business, and Rush will pack the joint. But waiting three days to resume the playoff battle is a bit much considering there was no travel involved. Both teams are certainly biting at the bit. They don’t want to practice, they want to play. We want them to play. Surely the Habs in the playoffs must get first dibs at the calendar and everything else gets slotted in after. But it’s not the case.

Having playoff recess now is like watching Led Zeppelin stop halfway through a stirring rendition of Stairway to Heaven, walk off stage, drink some tea, have a quick nap, and an hour or so later resume Stairway to Heaven again. The mood gets slightly ruined.

The Habs-Bruins series was really starting to pick up steam with the Bruins winning game three and making Habs fans nervous to say the least. I know I am. It was tense and exciting, which the playoffs are suppose to be.

Then it stopped. Tea and a nap.

The league approves the schedules drawn up and so it’s the league that has denied us Battle Royale. Three days between games in the opening round, when the teams aren’t going anywhere except nearby to practice, is silly. And if the series goes to seven games, after game five we wait three more days for game six and then the seventh is the following night.

Couldn’t it just be even throughout? Every couple of days? Is it possible next year maybe?

Instead of cheers for the home team and boos for Zdeno Chara, and instead of national anthems to begin things and sirens to end periods, on Wednesday evening folks at the Bell Centre will hear the power trio Rush.

And that’s fine. Except we want our playoffs back.

7 thoughts on “There’s No Rush Because Of Rush”

  1. i guess rush made the playoffs a little earlier than the habs…………. but we all know the league has more important business in glendale than worry about the most awesome fans of the most successful franchise in all of professional sport.

  2. Chris, you’re just going to have to drop everything. Quit your job if you have to. Watch the games. Then move to Powell River and live on the beach.

  3. Dennis and Hobo, don’t tempt me. Moonshine on top of the beach, palm trees and DKRFSB sure beats the continuing freezing rain and snow I’m getting here.

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