There’s A Lot Of Smart Habs Fans Out There….Plus….Restoration In Progress

I like Jim’s take regarding yesterday’s post about the media circus in Montreal that hovers over the Habs like permanent storm clouds. It’s always been like this, and it always will, I guess. So I’m just going to sit back and enjoy it and laugh and understand that the players are probably used to it so it might not be causing a lot of damage team-wise, which is the only part worth worrying about.

It’s been the wild west in Montreal since Clarence Campbell became league prez in 1946 and was transformed into the anti-Christ in Quebec. The Montreal media’s been feasting like Roseanne Barr at a buffet ever since.

I also like Topham’s slant on things too, about how Habs management should have kept people better informed of the reasons why Koivu remained in Finland, so Koivu was left out to dry. This makes sense. But Topham always seems to make sense.

Jim, Topham, Tom, and Yves had their say about this, all with good points, and of course Danielleia, but she likes the Sabres so I don’t know if she counts or not.

Anyway, there’s a lot of smart Hab fans out there.


A couple of years ago I bought an old three-wheeled yellow bicycle for 30 bucks at a second-hand store and last year began sanding and scraping three old coats of paint off it. Now I’m in the process of restoring it.

It’s getting there. Slowly.


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