There’s 8 Million Stories In This Naked City. This Is One Of Them.

If my posts are a little off-kilter in this next 48 hours or so, there’s a good reason. I’m somewhere else going to somewhere slowly. A television may or may not be in the cards until sometime Thursday evening. Even a good, solid, hockey-laden newspaper may not be within my grasp.

But there’s 581 quality posts on this blog, (if I do say so myself) so why not play around and read a few while I scamper from here to there. I have to tell you though, I’m having a blast. And when I win 30 million or so, I’ll take you to some of these places.

And I have to say, I’m loving what I’m seeing lately. The passionate rants regarding Carbonneau, the dialogue between Sandy and a bunch of you. The defending of the little bastard Gaston. I think it’s fantastic. Although I don’t understand the defending of Gaston. The sleazemeister’s been nothing but a major headache for me for far too long. Jim thinks it’s my fault, not Gaston’s. But hey, walk a mile in my shoes. You might want to make toothpicks out of this guy too.

Habs play the Islanders Thursday night and New Jersey Saturday. Carey Price goes again in the first game, but no word about the second.

Like I say, bear with me if I’m slightly out of tune for a dozen hours or so. I’m really proud that you are reading my blog, and I want you to know why when my timing is bit slow.

4 thoughts on “There’s 8 Million Stories In This Naked City. This Is One Of Them.”

  1. Keep it up, Dennis. Your writing style is terrific and your consistent blogging keeps me coming back at least once a day. Your analysis is on the mark also. I have to say that I haven’t found much too argue with, only what to add on to.

  2. So Dennis…..Malibu,………..Las Vegas……..San Fransico…….did you come into so money 🙂

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