There Will Be No Monkeys Climbing This Tree

I suppose monkey trees aren’t tremendously common. I’d never seen one until I came to Powell River, and I thought they were cool, so we bought a little one about a foot tall. Now, three years later, it’s nine feet and is still fairly young. So I’m expecting my monkey tree to be a towering defenceman. It’s already about the same size as Hal Gill with Brian Gionta on his shoulders.

I’m told they’re called monkey trees for a couple of reasons – there’s not a monkey in the world who would be able to climb it because of its sharpness, (it’s tricky even touching it) and also because the branches resemble a monkey’s tail.


One thought on “There Will Be No Monkeys Climbing This Tree”

  1. DK, Are you sure that’s not Charlie Browns Christmas tree???
    Cheers from the East!!!

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