7 thoughts on “There Will Be No April Fool’s Joke This Year”

  1. Wow Dennis, Married man, involved with Penelope Cruz AND Pamela Anderson, you’re like the Tiger Woods of bloggers!

  2. I’m sure you can’t spend all that money alone. So let us know when you are mailing our checks. WE will be most appreciative.

  3. Diane, what do mean “mail the checks?” I thought we’d all meet at a cafe in Paris.

  4. Dennis, Boston loses 1-0 to Florida, Atlanta loses 2-1 against Washington and Philly losing badly to the Isles 6-2 with 5:00 minutes left in the third period.
    And that’s no April fool’s joke. The Hockey Gods are smiling down on us tonight.

  5. That’s perfect, Danno. Can’t ask for anything more than that. Except maybe the boys could pick it up a notch.

  6. Dennis, for future winnings…you really only have to drive to Nanaimo. Cha-ching.
    And just so’s you all know, I fell asleep before the 1st period was over in L.A…last night …awoke to realize the worst thrashing game (8-2) was over hours ago…how freakishly depressing! Danno, you cannot say Cannots at this stage in the season.
    Kelly said Pam n’ Pen were with him on Hornby…one of you 2 aren’t being truthful or …I know, you both have the same magazine!

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