The World’s Greatest Hat

I’m pretty sure this is the world’s greatest hat.

I had never seen one of these until a year or two ago. Never saw one as a kid, or throughout the years of collecting, or in my search for old Habs sweaters and such. But I saw it on eBay, and of course I bought it. How could I not?

At first glance it’s simply an old Canadiens cap from the 1950’s.


Underneath, though, are attached sunglasses and a fold-down part.

Is this a cool Habs hat or what?


4 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Hat”

  1. That’s a really unusual and rare hat. It has survived many Habs Stanley Cup victories. It’s a wonderful hat. Wear it with pride Dennis!

  2. that is a really awesome hat my favoueite hat is ahabs hat with red white and blue checkers on it but my favourite part is pk subbans signature on the top!

  3. Brogan, that checkered one sounds like a beauty. Send me a photo if you get the chance.

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