The Wiz Looking Not So Fine

James Wisniewski has had better days, as shown from his new Facebook photo he took himself.  Wiz apparently has fractures in his face and could be gone for a month.

Along with the obvious seriousness of Wiz’s injury is the obvious seriousness of the team being dangerously shorthanded.

If the Canadiens can survive this amazing string of injured defencemen, then the sky must be the limit.  Vancouver’s going on about missing three D-men. (It’s five, as corrected by Malandro). We’re also missing five – Markov, Gorges, Gill, Spacek, and now Wiz. Along with Mike Cammalleri up front.

But no way am I whining. Shit happens. We’ll just have to see how things evolve.

One other thing – if PK Subban can lead his team through this mess from the blueline, surely he must go to the top of the list for Rookie of the Year honours.

15 thoughts on “The Wiz Looking Not So Fine”

  1. Dennis, this shows that the visor can only offer so much protection and is insufficient at times in preventing serious injuries.

    Wiz wears a visor and it didn’t help him much this time.

    A fully caged helmet would have blocked the impact and Wiz would still be on the active roster where we desperately need him.

    Not too many players are wearing the caged helmets. There was a time goalies didn’t wear masks either. I wonder if the NHL will ever see the day where all players wear helmets with full facial protection.

    Best wishes to the Wiz for a full and speedy recovery. He must be in a tremendous amount of pain today.

  2. Danno, he sure must be in pain today. Jeez, it’s brutal. I wouldn’t want to see a full cage, even though it makes some sense and would have protected Wiz. Everyone would look the same. I don’t know, maybe I’d get used to it. It’s a tough one for me.

  3. I feel the same but at the same time it’s ridiculous what a puck can do to travelling at 95 mph you when you catch it with your face.

    One of the main reasons players don’t like them is the wired ones bulky and block your view a bit and the clear plastic ones tend to fog up.

    But if everyone had to wear one then nobody would be at a disadvantage and injuries like this would be prevented.

    All I know is that it’s a good thing he didn’t get hit in the eye with that puck.

  4. Danno, I know it’s really something to think about. Losing an eye especially would be disastrous. Aside from all that makes sense, I still go back to how everyone would look the same. I know I’m wrong but hey, I put up a fuss when everyone had to wear helmets. Maybe it’s an age thing.

  5. I think Gill will be back soon which will help stabilize the young and help our penalty killing plus we get Cammy back which will equalize powerplay with Wiz being out. Maybe Spacek surprises and is back soon. Crazy week for injuries. My daughter almost gagged when she seen the blood on the ice so I just sent her the photo. Hope she doesn’t vomit.

    I hope PG reacts to Kaberle deal and swings one too. I have faith in him to do the right thing. We do have cap room. We need ambassadors out there recruiting talent (i.e. Beliveau, Lafleur). I think players are crazy not to experience Montreal once in career. I would love to be a hockey god.

  6. Mayo, you’ve brightened my day. Maybe several of our wounded will be back sooner than soon. And yes, I love your idea of having legends get out there and recruit.

  7. It’s just one of those things Dennis and I’m torn about it too. But you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t I guess.

    Now with defencemen blocking shots like crazy this kind of injury is going to become more and more commonplace. And even a high stick can poke an unprotected eye out too if there’s nothing there to stop it. A visor works some of the time but not always.

    I’d love to see the goalies playing without a mask so we could see their faces but everybody knows that would be insane and we’ll never see that again. In a similar sense, of course I’d feel bad too not seeing the players’ faces but when you see what can happen it really makes you think.

    And it’s a good thing we got Paul Mara, as unexciting as that trade was. Because we can use all the help we can get.

  8. Danno, remember how close Koivu came to losing an eye a couple of years ago? Watching him try to make it to the bench was scary as hell. So really, what you’re saying makes one think for sure. There’s is one other thing, though. If they’re protected solidly from head to foot, the concussions might increase even more because you know how sticks are coming up etc. But maybe I’m just blowing smoke here. And to add one more thing that is, I guess, just plain silly, try to imagine Jean Beliveau with a visor.

  9. Danno, I saw on Twitter that it’s not 100% ruled out that Wiz won’t come back right away. The fracture might not be a fracture. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and saying a silent prayer to Rocket and Howie Morenz.

  10. If Wiz comes back right away he is one tough hombre. Reminds me of when Gorges took that puck to the back of his head and came right back next game.

    Let’s hope for the best.

  11. And Danno, the time Rocket was knocked unconscious and in a semi-stupor as he went back out and scored on Sugar Jim Henry. OrPplante getting smashed in the face from an Andy Bathgate slapshot but came back out with a mask. Or guys who get ten teeth knocked out, get frozen, and are back in before the period ends. Hockey players are heroic figures. I’m with you, let’s hope for the best.

  12. I’m surprised they can’t make a light-weight wire cage mask that doesn’t block the view. It would also help when a player skates face first into the boards like the Oiler did a couple nights ago.

    Thanks Dennis, I just saw quote of the day. I vote for Mayo’s last couple lines as new quote of the day.

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