The Winner Wins ‘Em All!

Just want to add one little thing about the contest in case you think you win just one of the ten prizes mentioned.

The winner wins ALL of the prizes listed. So just add a comment to any story on this site and you’re entered to win the ten prizes. Good luck to everybody. And I’ll be doing this kind of thing periodically throughout the season.

14 thoughts on “The Winner Wins ‘Em All!”

  1. Okay Dennis hear is my comment. I had meant to post this earlier but anyway, while I really appreciate your efforts to bring us more quality Hab’s blogs to read I have to tell you it is really difficult to find the time to get them all in in a day and still do the job I’m paid for. I can hardly wait until I can retire and can read every blog on the habs out there. How do you find the time to read other blogs and keep your own up to date? And I am aware that you are one of the few who post everyday and sometimes more than once. Good job.

  2. Hi DJ. Always great to hear from you. I never have enough time to read much of the others but when I was doing those posts about them, I read them at that time and tried to learn what they were doing. Although some I check out more often. I have very little time too but I work hard at my blog because as you can see, there’s so many others that if I slack off people will go somewhere else to get their Habs fix. My blog is really important to me and I try my hardest to do a good job. I also work shift work and so it’s very much a juggling act. But I do it because I love it, and seeing readers reading it makes me happy and proud. I’ve also never missed a day in posting at least once a day since November of 2007, which I’m proud of too. I also have a very understanding wife who reads or watches TV while I’m pounding away at the keyboard. I just wish more would comment. I get lots of hits but not a ton of comments. Sometimes I see the big sites like Down Goes Brown in Toronto getting 700 or 800 comments in a day and I can only dream about having this. But I’m trying and will continue to try to have a good blog, and once again, always nice to hear from you. And good luck with the contest.

  3. Dennis,

    I undersand what you’re saying about comments, but I always go for quality over quantity. The blogs I follow, be it football, hockey, economics, literary stuff don’t have hundereds of people commenting. But that does not affect the quality of the blog. In fact some blogs have endless numbers of comments and by the time you’ve waded through ’em your going square in the eyes. Half of them are abusive or just plain stupid.

    Better a small commumity of people who understand each other. They can differ in what they think but they appreciate what the blog is all about.

    Better the dry wit and intelligent comment on here than acres of mindless ranting.

    Stick with it.

    Oh 2nd period under way gotta go. Another good move from Eller.

  4. Thanks for that, Blue Bayou. I don’t like the bickering and nastiness you see sometimes on forums.
    So you’ve made me feel good when you say – “Better a small commumity of people who understand each other. They can differ in what they think but they appreciate what the blog is all about. Better the dry wit and intelligent comment on here than acres of mindless ranting.”
    And I’m loving that you’re watching the game live over there across the pond. Modern techology, something I’m not always up on, can be a beautiful thing.

  5. You know when you’ve been TPAKed!

    Great to see Halpern, Moen and Darche chipping in. But G & G we’re still waiting…..

    Someone on the commentary made the point that the pressure from the Halak trade shouldn’t be on Eller as they had to sell to get the Plekanec cotract in place. And viewed from that angle, with Plekanec and Price up and functioning, it looks like good business.

    Off to bed. I’ll pay for this tomorow (or is that today)

  6. Hey Dennis,A great Subbanean blocked shot there in the second,Habs come out on top once more.I missed thes second half,went to the legion for wednsday wings and the world series was on,I asked if the channel could be changed and the reply was no,I then said how Canadian are you people wanting to watch the world series instead of the Habs,I moved to another chair with my back to the tv,I hate baseball.

  7. Derry, you have to plan ahead and find a place that promises to have the hockey game on. You’re not in Habs country so you’re in the minority when it comes to the TV. You’re also now entered in the contest and good luck.

  8. @ blue bayou – couldn’t agree more about the benefits of a small forum of intelligent commenters! I think the smaller the group, the less the anonymity factor comes in, and the less you feel comfortable being a jerk! Can’t stand the TSN forums (for example)

    Also I agree totally with the idea – (Price + Plek + Eller) > (Halak + some lesser center + whatever they could get for Price), although I didn’t at the time of the trade… But I probably should’ve thought more about how Plek is the #1 centre we’ve been searching for for so long! Thank you Gauthier for not screwing that up despite the fact that we all condemned you at the time!

  9. Also, I didn’t realize at all until reading this post the contest was all the prizes… Wow….

    Out of curiosity Dennis, how big is your Habs-related collection, to be gladly giving away such awesome prizes?

  10. Danny, my collection is too big. With so many little things I’m unable to count. Over the past three years I’ve shown a lot in photos here and I’m extremely proud of many of my things. Very rare and unusual. I’ve also sold on eBay from time to time. I’m just going to trim it a little and what better way than to give away to readers.

  11. I couldn’t agree more too about the Price, Plekanec, Halak thing, Danny. But it all stemmed on whether Price was going to implode or not and he hasn’t. He’s been great. And Plekanec…Wow!!

  12. I don’t see why the TSN panel and the media in general have to continue on and on about the Halak trade. Yo, find some other controversy. Put Sean Avery in a room with Whiz News Key or pit Tukka Rask against Tim Thomas if you’re so hot for a goalie debate.

    This is why I prefer your site to MSM Dennis. There’s no such nonsense like that around here. Around here it’s just us against the non-Habs-fan world, just as it should be.

  13. Thanks Tyg. And great point – make a goaltending debate about Thomas and Rask. Ours is old news. MSM – humbug.

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