The Winner Of Ten Prizes Is…….

It’s been an excellent contest with more than 100 comments on various stories, and in the end, Tyg’s name was drawn from the fedora by my wife with the white glove.

For the rest who fell short, don’t despair. I’m going to round up a bunch more prizes and do it again. Maybe several times this season. So stay tuned, another will come around shortly.

For Tyg, now you have to give me an address to send your prizes to. Let me know, I’m at, and I’ll send it anywhere you want.

12 thoughts on “The Winner Of Ten Prizes Is…….”

  1. OMG I won! I never win ANYTHING! I owe your wife a nice bottle of wine or something! OMG! I’ll take pics to show it all added to my Habs den Dennis, so you can see I’m taking such good care of it! This is so amazing! Squeeeeee!

  2. Bravo Tyg!

    Enjoy your treasure trove of Habs loot!

    You’re on a roll now. Maybe you should go out and buy a lottery ticket.

  3. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but:

    A Canadian Canadiens fan wins a valuable draw on a Canadian Canadiens website run by a Canadian Canadiens fan who lives in Canada!

    Doesn’t that seem just a little too pat?

    I’m not a sore loser, just pointing up one or two anomalies there.

    Congratulations Tyg.

    Anyway gotta go – important call to take from a chap in a book depository in Dallas….

  4. I tell ya Dennis I’m in such a good mood after this that if I do win the gazillions in the lottery I’ll split ownership of the Habs with ya! I shall definitely being enjoying my loot! I can’t thank you enough. 🙂

  5. LOL All I got is CHeesepuffs tonight! And I don’t drink the fire water. I just buy it for the padre. I wouldn’t mind some CHili, CHocolate or CHianti tho! Perhaps that can be your next grand prize!

  6. Thank you bluebayou! In the interests of fairness and to avoid a senatorial hearing I shall abstain from the next Dennis Kane Habs lottery draw. Will that suffice?

    That guy in the book depository is still there? I thought he woulda had plenty of time to get away by now!

  7. Conratulations Tyg. As a winner in a past drawing, I can you assure you Dennis’ prizes are the finest in North America.

  8. Thank you Diane! And congrats on your own win. I’ve already cleared off a shelf in my den in anticipation. I have every faith Dennis Kane only awards the very best Habs gear.

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