The Winner, As Picked By Gaston, Is…….

Just for a change I had Gaston draw the winning name in this latest contest which was an off-shoot of the big Scotiabank ‘Big Save’ extravaganza. Readers sent in hockey stories and told me about NHL players they’ve met over the years, and all the names went into the hat and here we are.

And Gaston picks……….Habby, who wrote in about her dad handling the Stanley Cup on several occasions while working at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

But please have a look one more time at the contest that got this thing going, where a kids’ team goes to Whitehorse for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada. That was the whole point of it, and imagine what it will be like for a bunch of kids and five or so parents to go up there and see the true north strong and free. Just a fabulous experience for whatever team wins this.

You can see this great idea here at

Habby, you need to email me at and send an address that I can pass along to Scotiabank and they’ll forward a family pack of hockey stuff to you. Thanks to everyone who shared hockey stories and the times they met NHL players. It was really interesting for sure.

8 thoughts on “The Winner, As Picked By Gaston, Is…….”

  1. Congratulations Habby.

    I myself have reason to celebrate. The saying goes, “When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.”

    I feel the same now that I have been “Quote of the Day” on Dennis

    I might, like Alexander the Great now drink myself to death with DK’s Great F**@%+ng Beer.

    Thank You Dennis, I feel very humble.

    (there is an “s” missing of “theirs” but whose counting?)

  2. Got the ‘s’ in there now, BB. Thanks. And I must advise you about the DK Great F#%*^&^$ Beer. Be careful. Be Really F*&*^$# careful. I assume no reponsibility for the drinker of this product.

  3. DKRSFB is too strong to be a morning drink Blue Bayou. I prefer a tall cool glass of Froz-Ex with a twist of lime to greet the day. Save the DKRSFB for after tea time.

    And now, a toast to the winner…

    Bravo Habby! Enjoy your prizes!

  4. Dennis, is that Jack Schitt’s hat Gaston has his paw in?

    And where the heck is Jack Schitt? Did Gaston do something nasty to him?

  5. Danno, Jack Schitt is hiding. Like a cat when a dog is around. And no, that isn’t his hat. It’s mine only it’s about 50 times too small.

  6. Thanks bluebayou and Danno!

    About the Cup, it doesn’t get its own seat. It travels with other oversized cargo. Kinda cruel treatment for a ~35 pound beauty that everyone is dying to get their hands on.

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