The Violence Post

Enjoyed very much seeing Pens backstopper Marc-Andre Fleury blow it last night and allow the Columbus Blue Jackets to even the series. Fleury fumbled the puck at the boards near his net, the Jackets grabbed it and tied the game with 22.5 seconds left, and then in overtime Fleury fluffed a long shot from Nick Foligno.

Remember when Fleury and Peter Budaj almost came to blows back on January 22nd? Fleury had this huge grin on his face that cried out to be shut tight with a solid right into grinning mouth, stopping just short of his tonsils and causing him to pick pieces of teeth and throat mucus out of his mashed potatoes for the following month.

Zdeno Chara laughed in the face of Detroit’s Brendan Smith when the two stood toe to toe Sunday night, and how great it would’ve been to see Smith throw a punch and flatten Chara’s nose. Chara is 6’9″, but his nose is only four feet long and possibly made of the same stuff as humans. So it could be breakable.

It would be cool to see an accidental stick land hard between Milan Lucic’s legs tonight. Strictly accidental because I don’t condone violence. But enough to cause Lucic to squeal like a pig for the next three weeks and speak like Cindy Lauper forever after.

A seven-game suspension for Matt Cooke? When he gets back, his Wild teammates and Avs’ Tyson Barrie should meet him at the golf course and one after another practice prostate examinations with their wedge irons. Maybe use wooden-shaft Ben Hogan-endorsed models that might accidentally break halfway up.

4 thoughts on “The Violence Post”

  1. The Habs could be off for quite some time while the other teams continue to pound each other into a fine powder. They could be off until May 3rd which will give them 10 days rest since their last game.

    Michel Therrien is going to have to balance practice and rest to ensure the players are at their very best when they finally meet the Red Wings – or possibly the Bruins – in Round Two.

    Maybe some fun activities could be in order before Round Two gets underway. Perhaps Michel Therrien could call Randy Carlyle and ask if the Leafs would be interested in a friendly golf tournament, since they’re not doing anything right now.

    Oh, but wait. The Leafs would have an unfair advantage because they have been on the golf courses perfecting their swing for several weeks now. 😆

    In the meantime, it’s Go Red Wings, Go Blue Jackets and Go Rangers…

  2. Mmmm great description of Chara and the other dude getting it! you ought to write a novel Mister Kane. I am serious , I think you are a fine writer and it would be interesting to see what you would write about!

    Good night all

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