The Usual From Beantown

With the Habs and Bruins going at it tonight, I thought I’d have a quick look at a Bruins blog or two to see what they might be saying. I found one, and it’s the usual vile, unimaginative, mean-spirited, mediocre kind of garbage that spews from the less-mature of Bruins fans. Was the writer one of the guys taunting the Habs fan in the Garden washroom last year? Or was he grounded that night by his mama?

I also found 14 examples of this guy putting two words together without leaving a space, and two spelling mistakes – ressurect and Niagra, which should be, of course, resurrect and Niagara.

The cow pie can be found at this mess – Days of Y’Orr.

And here’s a picture for his bedroom wall.


10 thoughts on “The Usual From Beantown”

  1. Surprisingly, or maybe not, I’ve seen much worse. I have seen some awful venom from their end in the last year I think since I started going around to different hockey sites. I get that we have a rivalry and you’ll get some dingbats on both ends but my god some of the stuff they’ve come out with is really bad.

    A lot of it comes from the fact that we’ve owned them for so long. Hell, look at our overall record. Naturally they’re super-hysterical when it comes to us and they see schemes everywhere, we’re accused of everything, etc. I also like how they lump us all into the same category.

    People like Jack Edwards and NESN don’t help. A lot of people get their “facts” from them and no wonder they’re so messed up. Their logic sometimes just amazes me. They go on about playing the game like “good ol’ boys” and if one of them spears someone, they say it’s because “he had to defend himself” or he did it because the guy was doing “something wrong and needed to be taught a lesson”. Happens to them? Oh naturally that team has always been dirty, etc etc etc.

    I have no problem with good-natured ribbing on everyone’s part but some of the stuff that’s come out has been really awful. After the Pacioretty hit some of it was so bad you wanted to bomb Boston.

    Not all their fans are like that and there are some bad ones all over (even on our side) but god some of them need to chill the hell out.

    Sad thing is they are so strong now that we’ll have to put up with their bullshit for the next 10 years probably. Dammit.

    And I’m amazed there aren’t a ton of them visiting this site.

  2. The question is: How long or coaching changes will it take the Habs to turn things around? This is an excerpt from a March 2009 Red Fisher column-same game, different team(s) and a couple of coach changes:

    “The smart money on the street says give the Devils the first two goals in a game, and you can start packing the equipment bags. The Devils simply shut you down.

    All that surprises me now that the Canadiens have gone 1-1-1 for Bob Gainey is that you’d think the Canadiens would come out flying in this one for all of the right reasons. I mean, it’s not as if they lit up the sky in their first two games for Gainey, but there was a chance they might find it on a night when Brodeur was being measured for a crown. A chance that a few players down there would realize how sorry a bunch they’ve been recently. You’ve got to be doing a lot of things wrong when growing numbers of intensely-loyal Canadiens fans are booing this bunch off the ice for a second consecutive game. What you also heard last night was a sour symphony of: “Carbo! Carbo! Carbo!”

    I’m assuming I don’t have to explain what those lyrics are – so I won’t.

    The Canadiens didn’t come out flying last night. It didn’t happen, unless you’re among those who feel being outshot 48-23 is a sign that a team is being awakened from a deep sleep. The fact is, they were grounded for most of the night except for a brief awakening in the second period when they were outshot by the Devils only by an 18-11 margin.”

  3. No Lucic tonight!

    Just in via Twitter from TSN’s Bob Mckenzie:

    Bob McKenzie
    TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    One-game suspension for BOS’s Milan Lucic.

  4. I didn’t know they had a sense of humour in Boston. The Rocket as a Bruin, that’s funny. Imagine it, Richard swing the stick at his own head. Trickier would be how to cross-check himself.

    As a Bruin, Richard would never have been suspended and with the more generous awarding of assists, he would have won the Ross trophy multiple times.

  5. I see the SCABS conspiracy theories go way back eh? Keep making excuses to deflect the fact that the SCABS have become irrelevant in today’s NHL.

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