The Union Says What, Me Worry?

The players and union head Donald Fehr say there’s plenty of time. The Buttman says differently:

“I re-confirmed something that the union has been told multiple times over the last nine to 12 months,” Bettman said. “Namely, that time is getting short and the owners are not prepared to operate under this collective bargaining agreement for another season, so we need to get to making a deal and doing it soon.”

The Buttman’s right that time is of the essence. And Fehr says “there is a meaningful gulf there.” We know that. Fix it for ^%$# sakes. Oh wait, there’s no hurry.

If the union is taking its sweet time, its unacceptable. Is the drive down from the cottage in the Muskokas too much of a hassle? And owners need to make gazillions instead of only billions and refuse to budge.

Both sides are nitwits.

There had better be a full season of hockey coming up. I’m already seeing remarks here and there from folks saying that’ll be it for them if there’s a lockout. I don’t blame anybody for saying these people can stick their league up their ass.

6 thoughts on “The Union Says What, Me Worry?”

  1. Neither side gives a flying fa-doo about me and you. It is just like your government, serving their corporate masters. They know the fans will eat any flavor of shit they serve up. The stink may be a little uncomfortable, but in the end the shit will be consumed……. Speaking from personal experience, living without NHL hockey is surprisingly easy, given it is your own choice. I urge everyone to try it. And don’t kid yourself, the beloved CH really stands for Corporation de Hockey Canadien.

  2. I believe you, Hobo. They don’t give a flying fa-doo. And not watching hockey is going to play havoc with my blog. But somehow, I’m going to plough through. If there’s a lockout I think the repercussions will be more drastic than the last one. One we sort of forgave. Two will be different.

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