The Tour Continues With The Burning Question: What’s In Powell River’s Water?

 Yes, that’s right. That’s Gaston down there in the rocks.



You need to know this. Powell River is a machine. A maker of champions. A little hamlet that churns out athletes the way Toyota churns out automobiles.

Some of the country’s best come from here. Soccer’s Drew Ferguson, who captained Canada’s national team, kicked balls in the professional ranks in Canada, the United States and England, and played alongside legendary players such as Pele and George Best. Connie Polman Tuin, one of Canada’s best runners, entered the world stage in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Roy Gerela was raised in Powell River and down the road became a star with the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers where he became a three-time Super Bowl champion. Brad Bombardir rose through Powell River’s minor hockey ranks and became a classy rearguard for the New Jersey Devils, where he won a Stanley Cup, and played for the Minnesota Wild.

And fans throughout BC, especially in his hometown of Powell River, fans cheered Gary Lupul as he and his Vancouver Canucks battled the New York Islanders in the Stanley Cup final of 1982. Lupul later worked with the team as the Canucks’ scout in Ontario and the northern United States college circuit, was a close friend a mine, and sadly and shockingly, died of a heart attack just last year.

Former NHLers Micah Aivazoff and Dan Lucas are Powell Riverites, as is baseball’s Bobby Cripps, who came close to playing for the Toronto Blue Jays, and Brian Clark, who was within a rotator cuff of pitching for the New York Yankees. But Brian did get to sit beside Joe Dimaggio at the Yankees spring training camp.


Powell River’s Ted Gerela was a star with the Canadian Football League’s BC Lions, and now our eyes are on winger Cam Cunning, who is hoping to crack the Calgary Flames line-up.


And of course there’s the Powell River Regals, three-time Allan Cup champs, a powerhouse in Canadian senior hockey, who have become a modern day Canadian juggernaut, with the majority of it team members being Powell River natives. When they won the Allan Cup in 1997, there were 17 players born and raised in Powell River, whereas one of their competitors, Truro, NS had just two.


Gaston, although not from Powell River, was once called “the best all-round hockey player in the world” by the Russians. (Or was that Bob Gainey?)

4 thoughts on “The Tour Continues With The Burning Question: What’s In Powell River’s Water?”

  1. Let’s not forget the newest addition of famous athletes from Powell River, Jesse Newman and his road to the CFL.

    Jesse Newman of Powell River, B.C. turned heads on the offensive line at Louisiana-Lafayette and was picked during this year’s CFL draft for the Calgary Stampeders. In his senior year, in 2007, the six-foot-four, 300+ pound tackle was picked as a Sunbelt Conference first-team all-star and selected as Louisiana-Lafayette’s best pro prospect.

    Also, not an athlete but, Dr. Robert Thirsk who lived a few years in Powell River when he was a kid blasted into space aboard the space shuttle in ’96. Currently he is training to be on the international space station mission for a few months in mid ’09.

    Way to go Powell River. Keep on keeping on!

  2. Now Gastons down his knees after only 1 beer,are you sure it’s not Lawerance after too many white-wine spritzers!!?? Just curious.
    Cheers from the land of Les Canadien!!!!

  3. La Punket;A ceasur is a bloody Mary but only with Clam & tomatoe juice,see I told you & you only live a 1/4 mile from our Noble Country !!!

  4. DK,

    Hmmm, I’ve always felt a vauge lurking what? wariness? suspicion? about this `Powell River’ place. And I’ve got some good reasons for doing so. First of all, it’s in BC and furthermore it’s on the coast which means it is located in `spacy’ space. Secondly, the 2 `ls’, what’s with that? Thirdly, palm trees. Fourthly, limited access to where? uh? like the end of the line … where the world ends … at the edge of what? Fifthly Gaston. More and more I’m beginning to believe that a) he’s too short (probably even shorter than la P) to be real, and b) he’s solid wood which means he can’t drink beer which means he was used to set up the waitress which means he is at best an unwitting tool at the beck and call of that spritzer sipping (Yeah, I’m also thinking that Mike’s unto something there), twinkle-toed Linden lovin’ Canucklehead Lawrence aka Shortstuff (which means there is a very real possibility that PR doesn’t exist, that it’s a figment of Lawrence’s twisted imagination or a west coast version of Brigadoon (Powel-la-doon?) a mutation to be sure because it seems that in order for it to continue to exist at least one inhabitant must go forth into the real world to either participate in a sport or go to the moon every what? 25 yrs or so which reduction from the 100 years for Brigadoon makes sense because things have speeded up considerably in the past few hundred years. Finally, `seniors teams!’ Yeah, makes me wonder if that dumbbell movie `Cocoon’ is based on some kind of real lawrentian irreality ..? Which brings me to the big composite question and the obvious one which is: Do I exist, am I real? Yeah, Powel-la-doon – bridge to nowhere??

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