The Torres Hit

Raffi Torres left his feet and knocked Chicago’s Marian Hossa into Kingdom Come, and the hit is all abuzz in the hockey world. Will Torres get ten games, they ask? Five maybe? Twelve?

Yes it was brutal. Hossa was taken off on a stretcher and we hope he’s okay.

At the risk of looking like an asshole by bringing up ancient history, Max Pacioretty was taken off on a stretcher too. And Zdeno Charo was given how many games? None? Which possibly opened the gates for hits like Torres’.

(A a sidenote and lingering legacy of this sickening incident, Canucks fans at the Habs game I was at in Vancouver awhile back kept calling out, “Hey Pacioretty, where’s Chara?)”

You bet Torres should get suspended. Enough is enough with these head shots. And if he gets ten games, Chara should have gotten as much too. At least that. And it seems the head shots picked up steam drastically after the Pacioretty hit. Players saw it was possible to get away with it, like Chara had.

Nicely handled, NHL suits. Maybe it’s time to finally accept a big chunk of the blame for what’s happened in this beautiful sport.

9 thoughts on “The Torres Hit”

  1. I am surprised at how little I care about the playoffs! I guess I want a team from the West to win, but as long as the Sens and Boston lose, it’s all the same.

    I did enjoy the fact the completely out of control Pennsylvania playoffs involves Chris Lee. Maybe someone in the home office will finally take note of how poorly Lee does the job.

  2. I care very little also, Mike. I pretty well echo your thoughts but I’ll throw in the Canucks as another I want to see golfing early. It’s terrible that the Habs are in this and so many people are to blame for making our spring miserable.

  3. Dennis,

    Your so right. By letting the Bruins a free hand with their “special” brand of hockey last year, the powers that be helped create the current situation.

    By the way did you ever see Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks with Levon Helm in them back in the 60’s? I was just watching some documentary footage the other day where it mentioned about playing the halls around Ontario?

    Sad that Levon Helm has gone. Only 71.

  4. Blue Bayou, I didn’t see the Hawks but I had my chances. They played the old clubs on Yonge St. like le Coq d’Or, but I just never went in. A great memory I have is going to Gerde’s Folk City in New York and seeing Richard Manuel, Rick Danko and Paul Butterfield play, and there were only about 30 people there. And in fact, Danko and Manuel and their women sat at the end of our table between sets. I’ve always loved the Band. Even saw them with Bob Dylan at the Montreal Forum in the early seventies.

  5. Well said, Dennis. The chickens have been coming home to roost, and the NHL has egg on its face. But is probably too stupid to notice.

  6. speaking of nhl suits, there will be law suits soon, ala the nfl….. torres should get the rest of the playoffs but more importantly he should get moocho games next season. nhl players only get paid for regular season games so if he misses a good part of the next season, say 20 games, he would be out of pocket 300+ large…… money talks, look at matt cooke………..the nhl is bush to the max, the only thing they are missing is a george w.

  7. The thing that gets me about the Chara hit is that there are people out there who actually believe it was the stanchion’s fault that Pacioretty was hurt. Can you believe it? Earlier this week I heard someone say this and I couldn’t believe it. (It was a Leafs fan btw).

    If the NHL were actually consistent it’d be nice. Big heavy suspensions would be a nice start. None of this 2500 dollar fine crap (which is a laugh) or blaming the victim for it. Sorry for standing in front of that loaded gun when you shot me Mr. Criminal Sir. Duh.

    I hate that our world has become this place where no one is ever to blame. There’s always a handy excuse to be found and if you can’t find one, someone will make it for you.

    It’s never easy to admit to being wrong but doing so means you’ve got real character. Had Chara come out and said he meant it but regrets it I would have still been pissed at him but I would have respected him a little for it.

    No, he “didn’t know” who was on the ice. Right.

  8. And Darth, the puck was already about thirty feet down the ice when it happened. It wasn’t like Chara was stopping a scoring chance.

  9. Great comment, Darth.What you said about Chara and if he would only had taken some blame, I would have respected him too. Or at least someone in the Bruins organization saying that it was terrible and they were worried for Max. But all we got was Dr. Recchi diagnosing the injury.

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