The Toronto Maple Leafs (How Can I Say It Politely), Will Smell Like Farm Animal Excretement

Hockey fans became completely sick of hearing Mats Sundin’s name about a month ago, and so I apologize for mentioning it now. But His Majesty is on the verge now of announcing whether he will retire or play, so I thought I’d get just a little head start on this.


If he plays, there’s always the chance he’ll rejoin his old club, the Toronto Maple Leafs. But I just had a look at the Leafs’ 2008-2009 roster, and maybe His Majesty should consider retiring. Wow! Harold Ballard and girlfriend Yolanda would’ve made this club. King Clancy would’ve made this team, when he was in his eighties.

Several of the hot dog vendors would make this team.  Prince Philip could make this team. Richard Simmons would be on the first line. My daughter’s baby would make this team, and the baby’s not even born yet.


The Leafs best player just may be ex-Hab Mikhail Grabovski. And they’ve added Rangers goon Ryan Hollweg, a guy who blows his mind way too often. There was no room for him anymore in New York, but of course there’s lots of room for him in Toronto.


Jason Blake will be their leader, like Jean Beliveau, the Rocket, Mark Messier, Joe Sakic, and Steve Yzerman were for their teams. You bet!


And I could mention the other Leaf players on the roster but you wouldn’t care anyway.


Toronto fans will pack the place every night to see one of the most inconsequential teams in Toronto ever.


Mats Sundin will make his choice soon. He can join the Leafs. He can join some good teams like the Habs. He can retire. Or he can help old pal Borje Salming with his underwear business. We’ll see shortly.


Sorry to mention his name. Also sorry to mention the Leafs.

2 thoughts on “The Toronto Maple Leafs (How Can I Say It Politely), Will Smell Like Farm Animal Excretement”

  1. A Captain will never jump ship and join the enemy!
    Too much loyalty to the Leafs fans.
    I’ve said this over and over way back even in Match when Sundin did not want to waive his no-trade clause and join a Stanley Cup contender and play for the best sports organization in the world, the Montreal Canadiens!
    He is not interested in winning the Cup, no character in this Swede! He would never ever play in Montreal!
    Disappointed in a way that Bob attempted to sign him. Bob, you should know better!
    It’s funny but to me he is overrated, 2 good seasons and now we should sign him. No I say! No to floaters like him!
    We’ll be better without him. Captain K I’ll take any day than a Swedish meatball!
    Sorry to see so many Habs fans disapoointed when he finally makes his formal announcement. But, hey it was expected and I, for one, am not surprised at all.
    Stay put in Toronto Mats.

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