The “Too Many Men On The Ice” Thing

Given the inordinant amount of penalties being called in these playoffs for too many men on the ice, maybe it’s time to get back to basics. Therefore, I’m enclosing a little diagram that might prove helpful to NHL players and coaches.

Meanwhile, super sleuth Danno has uncovered a serious problem that both Don Cherry and Claude Julien are afflicted with. It’s rare, very sad, and maybe Bruins fans can forgive and forget now that this is out in the open.

3 thoughts on “The “Too Many Men On The Ice” Thing”

  1. Since there’s no hockey, people should tune into the NLL championship game on TSN at 10:30 ET tonight between the Toronto Rock (the only toronto based team I like) and the Washington Stealth.

  2. Gillis, I’m going to watch a lot of it at least. Maybe all of it. Lacrosse players are to be admired and I love watching them zip that ball around.

  3. Yeah, and the best part is, none of them are in it for the money. Almost all professional lacrosse players need day-time jobs which goes to show you just how much they love the game, and how much they want to win.

    TSN2 was airing some games this season but they were always scheduled at strange times and I didn’t have TSN2 for the TV closest to my room and I’m too lazy to go to my other TV, so I only managed to watched a couple of games. I’m glad it’s on TSN tonight to so the sport can grow a little more and more people know about it.

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