15 thoughts on “The Three Winners Are………”

  1. Hmmmmm….

    What mischief has Gaston been up to?

    I’m looking at the picture of him reaching into the hat and I can see his ass is really flat and it’s all scratched up too. Did Jack Schitt finally kick his butt around the block?

    Congratulations to Christopher, Mike and Phil!

  2. Not only did Gaston pick them, a couple danced in the background during the draw! Talk about high class stuff here. 🙂

    Congrats guys. Problem is, Dennis forgot to tell you this: one of the prizes is Scott Gomez.

  3. Finally my bad luck with raffles has come to an end. I’ve never won anything from a raffle ever, so this is pretty cool. A nice early Christmas gift to get me looking forward to the holidays!

    BIG thanks to Dennis for starting this whole thing

  4. Thanks go out to Gaston (but he’s still an asshole ). Darth I’m hoping for a Gomez voodoo doll I’ve got my needles at standby!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  5. It looks like we’ll have to wait for Markov. He did not skate this morning and took what has been described as a “therapy day.”

  6. Danno, it just never ends with this guy. I wish they’re just tell us exactly when and no more bullshit.

  7. DK, I hope you didn’t give him my address. Mind you I could use him for kindling, what am I saying I could never torch anything wearing the bleu blanc et rouge! I’ll just forgive him, he must have been led astray in San Quentin. Looking forward to the gift pack, what a great & friendly site this is, job well done my old friend! Look forward each day to see whats bothering your little gray cells & your always spot on & so are your many followers!!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  8. Thank you, Mike. I’m really proud that this is a friendly site. And I’m proud that you’ve been a great friend for so many years.

  9. Thanks Dennis, looking forward to the gift pack. I fully expect your prizes and stuff to be as superb as your blog and writing.

    Now that I’ve won I’ll share my secret with everyone else. Negotiate a deal with Gaston. But be warned, his demands will push you beyond the limits of your morals. He laughed at my offer to tell him the location of Dennis’s secret cache of DKRFSB. I won’t write the things he wanted me to get Lady Lovely to do with him. I can’t imagine where he learned such things. I had an impossible time finding someone who knew let alone explain them to me. And I still got slapped silly several times just for asking about several of the acts. Instead I threatened to forward his email, warning about his perversions if he didn’t pull my name. We settled on my disclosing that he can be bribed for the next contest when he hopes there will be a bidding war for his help and he’ll be more careful.

  10. Dennis, Thanks for another fine contest with wonderful prizes. Congratulations to all the winners. But we are all winners here, being entertained by your fine blog!

  11. Chris, If Gaston finds my beer hiding place and drinks it all, I’m sending him to the nearest pulp mill.

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