The Things I Find In My Closet


I pulled this out of a box in my closet the other day. It’s just a few little things I’ve held on to over the years.

There’s a “Nixon For President” button, which is funny I suppose because I never liked the dirty rotten scoundrel. Did anybody?

A button/ribbon for the journey to the moon in July of 1969 with Neil Armstrong and the boys.

A plastic spoon I saved from the ship, Empress of England, that I took from Montreal to Liverpool in 1969.

A gum cigar that says “Win with Dick.” Nixon again, sorry about that.

A Russian Habs pinback that looks like an ordinary pinback except that’s it’s Russian and it’s old.

A Habs Stanley Cup pinback from 1986.

A pinback showing Pierre Trudeau giving the finger.

A nice metal Forum pin.

A 1987 playoff ticket stub from the Forum, a game I was at involving, I think, the Quebec Nordiques.

A Che Guevara pinback made from leather.

A WHA ticket featuring the Winnipeg Jets and Ottawa Nationals sometime around 1974.

A couple of Forum matchbooks.

A Habs/Oilers pin when they played an exhibition game in the 1980’s for charity in Ottawa.

A couple of 1988 Calgary Olympics pins.

And a beautiful handmade silver Habs pin my ex-brother-n-law had made for me for Christmas many years ago. I miss my ex-brother-in-laws.

3 thoughts on “The Things I Find In My Closet”

  1. Dennis, you can make a fortune on E-Bay with that stuff. Just that Richard Nixon cigar-shaped gum alone must be worth at least $15,000. Although I wouldn’t chew on anything Tricky Dick ever put out.


    It’s good to see that finally, Richard Nixon, Che Guevara, the Apollo astronauts and Pierre Elliott Trudeau are all finally out of the closet thanks to you.

  2. Danno, I do my part for humanity. I’m sure they’d thank me, although at least three are long gone now. But they’d thank me if they could. They’re out of the closet and it must be a relief.

  3. Hey Dennis;I’m glad thats all that came out of your closet ,I must say that I agree with Danno.That closet dwelling parphanalia is probably worth money,be kinda like selling your Forum seat though eh.I see you put my quote up on your side bar there,nice touch Dennis,kinda encourages folks to make some good comments.

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