The Tely

I was the youngest Toronto Telegram paperboy in Orillia, 11 years old, and I had the biggest route in town, with about 60 homes to deliver to during the week and 100 or so on Saturday.

And the papers were thick and heavy, which is probably why I’m so incredibly strong now! 🙂

The whole idea of me being a young and awesome paperboy made me proud. And more than once did some little old lady on my route tell my mother what a nice boy I was.

I went to stay at my aunt and uncle’s house in Toronto for a few days back then, and I asked nicely if someone would drive me downtown so I could see the Telegram building, which they did. Although they probably weren’t too thrilled to be driving around in downtown traffic so a kid could see a building. But I saw it and had my picture taken in front, and that was that.

Ten years later, when being a paperboy was a distance memory,  the Telegram printed its final issue on Oct. 30, 1971 and I saved it. But it eventually became a victim of a divorce, when a box of my old newspapers got thrown out.

Recently I was in Orillia and while rummaging through a second-hand store, I found another copy of the final paper, which made me happy.

And because it made me happy, I’m showing it, along with me and my cousins at the Telegram building in Toronto.





6 thoughts on “The Tely”

  1. I too was a Toronto Telegram newspaper boy.

    You’re right about the papers being big and heavy – which is why people confuse me with Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger all of the time.

  2. It was just the first page, and I think it was just one edition — late afternoon. I think they stopped that practise after awhile.

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