The Still Before The Storm

The battlefield sits empty. Soldiers on the sidelines quietly scrub dried mud from their tanks and rifles. Nervous laughter sometimes fills the air and interrupts the solitude. Soon they’ll straighten up and meet the ememy. They know it, and they wait and wonder. Off in the distance, Zdeno Chara sinks his teeth into uncooked rodent, and savours the taste of gristle and guts. Near to him sits his friend Milan Lucic, slowly going over a book and attempting to figure out the big words. Brad Marchand is off in the distance doing things he doesn’t want his pals to see.

Thursday the war is on. Go Habs.

4 thoughts on “The Still Before The Storm”

  1. Hey Dennis, I’m thinking that it’s to bad that Carey Price isn’t a forward so he could hit Chara into the ice like he did to Subban,I just friggin howl everytime I see that clip.I would say that these young guys are having the time of their life and having fun while they are doing it. Ya gotta know that the Bruins will be after P.K. right from the begging of the series,he can handle it I’m sure.I wonder what Marchand is off in the distance doing?I wonder, is his right arm bigger then his left?

  2. Derry, The Carey and PK Show should go on tour. They’re great. If the Bruins want to go after PK maybe they’ll take some bad penalties or be caught out of position. So go ahead, Boston. Be undisciplined.

  3. Dennis,

    P J Stock showing why he stands head and shoulders above the common run of Hockey pundits…………………..

    “As a former player for both teams, I’d love to see them both win. I’m not cheering for anyone but here, but I can be bought. Haven’t had any offers yet so I’m just leaning on my gut decision. I like the B’s to win because I like their commercials more.”

    I happened upon this insightful gem in the “Odds Stacked Against Habs this time around” under the cbc Hockey News side bar.

    Why did I read it? I don’t know. Perhaps I was making a statement about the pointlessness of human existence (that’s my existence not PJ Stock who we all know is pointless) or trying to see if you can actually make a Monday morning at work even worse than it already is. I did.

  4. Blue Bayou, PJ has Bruins tattooed on parts of his body I don’t care to think about. I don’t care much for this guy. He’s the new breed of hockey TV guy – critical and all-knowing. He was a lousy hockey player and he’s on TV because sometimes he’s a bit over the top and he’s also completely bilingual which allows him to live in Montreal, work in the media, and put down the Habs as best he can. Him saying he’s not cheering for anyone is slightly off the mark. He cheers for the Bruins.

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