The Start Can’t Be Much Worse

Seven games in, the Canadiens sit 30th overall with just 3 points (1-5-1). Only Arizona, with one measly point, is worse.

Montreal’s goals per game is the lousiest in the league (31st), with a 1.43 average.

They’re in 28th place for Goals Against (3.86).

27th on the power play (7.7%).

24th on the penalty kill (76.9%)

Stay-at-home defenceman Karl Alzner has 3 assists, which puts him number two on the team behind Jonathan Drouin, who has 5 points.

Alex Galchenyuk has 1 goal and 0 assists. The same goes for Max Pacioretty.

The guy with the big shot, Shea Weber, has a goal and an assist.

Carey Price, apparently the world’s greatest goalie, has a mediocre .885 save %. He’s lost his last five starts.

Tonight the Canadiens are in Anaheim. “Go Habs Go” he said weakly.


8 thoughts on “The Start Can’t Be Much Worse”

  1. I find it hard to get excited about professional sports in general..all i see are $$$$$ signs…and i feel sorry for the fans at the games that have to fork out $$$$ to set in an arena and pay $$$$ for a beer.
    Appreciate the time you invest in keeping your blog going.
    You are welcome to go off topic anytime.

  2. Hi Dennis…I am afraid we are going to miss the playoffs this year unless things turn around really quick like. I had a bad feeling before the season started but I have to admit it looks even worse to me now.

    Ed is bang on….$$$$ rules now and pride and uniform be dammed. As long as the seats are sold there is little to drive this management in a more efficient direction. I know it is easy to speak about this after the fact but MB is messing up this whole franchise I think. Well him and his associates. Until the seats are empty in some significant numbers I am afraid things won’t change much.

    I also would like to echo Ed’s feelings on the blog. I do appreciate your work and time to keep this going with all the negative things going on with this once glorious team.

  3. Well DK I agree with ed & Cliff with their assessment of our once glorious team. I wondered aloud this past off season what the frig is MB doing with the moves he made or didn’t make. Well it’s now playing out before our eyes and it’s not pretty to watch or not because of NHL/Rogers TV package I’ve been spared.
    Sad state of affairs for sure!!!

  4. The only way to get a winning team in the NHL is to bottom out
    like my Leafs did and hope to win the number #1 pick and then
    hope the player you pick becomes the star in the NHL he was as a junior….and then hope your GM can complement the star with
    other quality picks… is very difficult to do…..most teams fail…

  5. Hi Leaf Fan. Habs fans don’t have a bottom out mindset. At least I don’t don’t. I admire the patience of all Leafs fans, as I’m relating now to what you guys have gone through over the years. We were promised a winner five years ago but it looks like it might be 10 instead. Maybe 15.

  6. It’s a sad state, Mike, and I know you’ve been pissed at Bergevin all along. I know you were excited about Sergachev too. I wonder just how bad this season will be.

  7. Thanks Cliff. Yep, the possibility of missing the playoffs looms large, and it’s only October. Tabarnac. I knew that five-goal game against Florida was a fluke. I think if Luongo was in goal that night, maybe out boys would’ve been shut out again. Sometimes they look fairly good, then the other scores and it all falls apart. Can they beat the Rangers on Saturday? I can’t wait to see what we get that night, because the Rangers have sucked too.

  8. Thanks Ed. I’m going off topic soon, from time to time.. I just need to regroup after this pitiful start to the season. What a difference from what we’ve seen over the years, eh?

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