The Soldier And The Habs Rug

Derry, whose comments you see here often, sends a nice photo of his son Brendan, who was stationed in Afghanistan at the time, along with a look at the beautiful Habs rug Brendan had made for his dad while in that relaxing luxury resort, Kandahar.

Brendan, you look fantastic, the rug is fantastic, and thanks for all you do.

5 thoughts on “The Soldier And The Habs Rug”

  1. Congrats Derry & THANKS Brendan! You must be very proud of your son, He sure is a tough looking son of a gun his neck must be the size of one of my thighs sure wouldn’t want to tangle with him!!!

  2. Hey Folks, No thanks to me ,the thanks here belong to Brendan and to Dennis for putting this on his site.I too, am very proud of Brendan,as I am of all three of my kids.Brendan also had a Canuck rug made for his brother ,Bryce.It goes to show that the Habs can bring some happiness to a dismal place such as Afganistan.Thanks again Dennis.

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