The Sky’s The Limit


Montreal finds itself fifth overall in Scott Cullen’s TSN Power Rankings, two better than last week, and a million times better than last year.

Very proud of the team right now. They’ve made my heart soar like a Guadalupe Storm Petrel.

To see the entire 30-team rankings, click here. Thanks to Danno for sending the link.

Cullen has this to say about the Canadiens:

This Week-5 Last Week-7 Montreal Canadiens 6-2-0
Getting D P.K. Subban signed and LW Max Pacioretty back quicker than expected from his appendectomy, only enhances a Canadiens team that suffered their one decisive loss of the season last week when they dared start backup G Peter Budaj against Ottawa.
Key Injuries: None.

5 thoughts on “The Sky’s The Limit”

  1. Scott Cullen placed the Habs ahead of Boston in the rankings. I hope he’s not trying to jinx us. Maybe Dennis can utter a reverse jinx of some kind…

    Anyways, let’s beat those Bruins tomorrow night and move ahead of them in the standings, which is the only list that really matters.

    It’s going to be a big test.

    Only one more sleep to go…

  2. I’m always leary of power rankings as they are based on weekly outcomes. They really don’t reflect the true pecking order of the NHL. As an example, does anyone really think that Tampa is the 2nd best team in the NHL right now?

    I’m elated by Montreal’s start but I think we’ll know more about the Habs once they move on from their extended home stand later in the month.

  3. 24 Cups, it is true that these are only weekly outcomes, but after what we went through these past few seasons, I’ll take any kind of positive and exciting news. And maybe it’ll get the TV pundits talking about the Canadiens in a good light for a change, instead of the normal “too small, lousy power play, too many injuries etc, that we’ve heard way too often.

  4. Scott Cullen is an idiot. His ranking system sucks. Even though we’re ranked fifth, other lesser teams have twice the players ranked higher than ours. He says he’s a Habs fan but there is something fishy about his arithmetic. Even I know we have better players than his system.

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