The Shrine Painted Over

I had first posted the photos below several years ago, and just the other day I heard from the fellow who actually created this magical room, after his friend had sent him a link to my site saying “look, it’s your basement!”

His name is Paul Fourcault Sr. and he tells me that after enjoying his room for eight years, he eventually put the house in Whitby up for sale and it was bought (after 28 showings), by a 24-year old hockey player who played for the Belleville Bulls and Brampton Battalion before joining a team in Austria.

The new owner said he loved the room but he wasn’t a Habs fan, and recently painted over it all.

Mr Fourcault says he misses the marathon pool games with his son in the room he called the Shrine of St. Jean and St. Maurice, and says his wife, even though she’s from Montreal, never once hung out down there.

7 thoughts on “The Shrine Painted Over”

  1. It is Ian, but if I bought a house with a Leafs basement, I wouldn’t be able to buy the new paint fast enough.

  2. Dennis, such a house would be suitable only for demolition! And, if you think about it, all of it would have to be painted in black and white, since the Maple Loafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup since the advent of colour television!

  3. This is a real tragedy. The city of Whitby should have declared the house a Heritage site. Mr Fourcault should never have sold the house to a non-Habs fans.

  4. DK, sacre bleu I’m glad you did not provide the address, or it would be up in flames NOW!! My only hope is that Mr. Fourcault can recreate this masterpiece in his new abode!!

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